Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer Review and Swatches

You ladies know how much I *adore* the HD Invisible Cover Foundation so when I first found out in March that a Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer was coming this fall, I was more than psyched!

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer Review
Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer

The HD Invisible Cover Concealer is an oil-free, lightweight liquid concealer with four major ingredients – Amino Acids, Sericite Mica, Fucogel and Silocone Elastomeric Powder – to cover and conceal while looking completely natural on the skin.

It comes in a twist-pen design that is super portable and easy to use but what makes it really different is the unique applicator. Normally, most pen-style concealers come with a brush applicator that tends to get moldy within months – I’m talking to you, Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat! The HD Invisible Cover Concealer, on the other hand, has a soft, flexible silicon tip applicator that can easily be cleaned with a tissue after each use to prevent bacterial contamination.

There are a total of 14 shades to suit different skin tones. I wear #120 Soft Sand for the Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation and use #325 Natural Beige and #350 Apricot Beige for the undereye area. MStrong>#325 Natural Beige is a light beige color that brightens while #350 Apricot Beige is a medium peachy shade for color correction.

Texture-wise, the HD Invisible Cover Concealer reminds me a lot of MAC Select Cover Up. It is uber creamy and highly blendable. Coverage is medium and all it takes is a few dabs of the #350 topped with #325 for my circles to disappear.

Thanks to the Fucogel that it contains, it is also highly moisturizing and perfect for the undereye area and around the nose. The best part is how natural the finish is. It conceals without feeling heavy and looks like I have nothing on so I can just wear this on its own. I am definitely going to be using this every day!

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealer silicon tip applicator

Swatches of Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Concealers in #350 Apricot Beige and #325 Natural Beige

The HD Invisible Cover Concealer is now available at Sephora for $28.


  1. YS, both the foundations and concealers come in a wide variety of shades and their numbering is not in order (smaller numbers do not necessarily mean lighter shades. Your best bet would be to go to Sephora and try out different shades.

  2. M,

    Silicon does have the tendency to be pore-clogging for some people but I did not have a problem with the HD concealer and other silicone-based products.

  3. Anna, I definitely like the HD concealer more. MAC’s Select Cover Up comes in a tube and I find it a lot harder to control the amount of product that comes out of it. I always end up squeezing too much out and wasting it =(

  4. Hey Phyllis,

    just wondering how do you think this concealer stands up against ur previous favourites, eg: Barbara Daly, in terms of coverage etc? (putting aside price of cos!)

  5. I’ve been reading and reading about this …. I dont doubt that this concealer is gonna be good .. I’ve seen youtube vids and seen people skin before and after and I am ensured that this actually does work … I am getting this one way or another lolol … oooooo Alittle tip for some people…. I have really really dark circles N i was told to get a dead on match to my foundation but it didn’t help me at all .. My circles looked worse…. sooo I tried going a shade lighter then my foundation … My foundation is a sand beige and with my concealer I went to Sand and was told to go Biege. I used sand .. and Instantly my circles like disappeared was like magic … heres what i did ….I lotionmy face and then I blend the foundation all over my face .. even under the eyes where my circles are…. then I put on the concealer with my Ring finger… Use alittle at a time cause the cover for Makeup forever concealer is really good … soo you dont have to use alot of concealer. Keep dabbing on the concealer until your circles dont appear as dark anymore ….. make sure you get the in between the eye and nose. after putting on the Concealer get translusint powder that has little glitter like things in it because this gives you like a instant eye lift and it also reflects more light making the dark circles disappear more ….. hope this helpss… I should probably post a video of how to do this on youtube