Eyelid Tape Spotted on Celebrities!

Thanks to my parents, I was born with natural creases on both eyes. But after years of wearing contacts and eye makeup along with long hours of working on the computer and the inevitable aging process, my eyelids have become droopy over the years. When my eyes get tired, my natural creases sometimes go from a prominent line to a few folds – so not cool >.< !
To combat the problem, I started my search for the right eyelid tape. While researching, I found out that TONS of celebrities use eyelid tapes to enhance their beauty – even those who were born with natural creases! Here are a few:

Actress Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) use eyelid tape to make her natural creases deeper and more even.

Singer Ava Yu (羽翹) has openly admitted to using eyelid tape. She is a fan of D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape (review and before-and-after pictures here) which I will be reviewing shortly.

Singer Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) is handsdown the one with the most dramatic before-and-after results. Born with a tiny crease, she has completely transformed her look over the years using eyelid tape, fake lashes and makeup. She ended up getting eyelid surgery in 2009.

So what is your take on eyelid tape? Do you use them? How was your experience? Share your thoughts!

New to eyelid tape? Read more about them here!

Interested in trying eyelid tape? Get them at my beauty store.


  1. I’ve tried different brands of eyelid tape and cutting my own for a better fit. No matter what though they were never comfortable to me. I would only be able to go half the day before the irritation became unbearable and I would have to remove them. Also, I don’t know if I scrutinized them too much, but the tape always seemed too obvious.

    I’ve since learned to do monolid makeup but am still envious of the many different looks that those with creases can make. Maybe if there’s a new comfy brand that’s more discrete out there I’ll try them again.

    • Most tape would show on monolids but have you tried the double-sided ones like D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape and AB Mezical Fiber Double Eyelid Eye Lift Fibers? Those seem to work better.

      • I have not and I look forward to your review. Do you recommend a place to purchase them? (I also live in Chicago if you know of any local places)

  2. I have exactly the same problem as you, Phyllis. I have double lids but they have become droopy over the years. I have tried tons of double eye lid tapes as well as the glues and I didn’t like any of them. They look quite odd irl and extremely uncomfortable. Peeling these tapes off every night also does nothing beneficial to my eyelids..I’ve stopped using them.

  3. I use them from time to time because one of my crease is bigger than another one. So I just use them on the smaller side to make it look bigger. I don’t really buy eye lid tape. I just use 3M Nexcare First Aid Transpore tape. It works exactly the same but lots cheaper. You just need some skill on cutting it to the shape that you want. And since it’s actually aimed for first aid, it is safe for your eyes.

  4. I have a smaller crease, and coincidentally today I bought eyelid glue for the very first time, then proceeded to do and redo my make up about 5 times in the night to learn how to use it.

    It’s not easy.

  5. I use it on clients to even the creases out. I’ve also used it on myself on special occasion (i.e. my wedding) but wouldn’t use it every day. If it’s nice and thin, it can be quite comfortable.

  6. i understand that many asian ppl prefer dbl lids and think monolids are ugly, but i jus wanted to say that im proud of my natural monolids and think they look just fine. it’s kinda rude still to say thank god for ur creases as if girls like us look horrible. so what if u were born without them? i think u could still b beautiful too. jus trying to voice my opinion, ive grown up thinking i was ugly jus cuz my eyes were not the “ideal” among asians. nothing wrong with if u prefer it for urself or get surgery, but don’t make others feel they need to look a certain way too to achieve your ideal of beauty. thx for listening:)

    • Candy,

      I’m sure Susan didn’t mean it that way so I’m sorry if any of this offended you.

      I think monolids are absolutely pretty. It gives the face more personality and if you look at most Asian runway models, they have monolids. It’s a good thing you’ve accepted the way you are =)

  7. I LOVE the d-up wonder eyelid tape, I have been searching for the perfect tape for years, it does wonders for my eye (I have on natural crease and the other isn’t as prominent)! Mezaik is also quite good if you already have a natural eyelid :)

  8. I have a hooded eye and I’m intrigued by the idea of eye tape… but I’m allergic to adhesive (even hypoallergenic Band-Aids!). If I have them on for to long (more than few hours) I get a big puffy rash, not something that would be good to have on my eyelids :(

  9. Monolids can be really pretty if everything else on your face is just as perfect as the asian runway models
    such as a well defined face, wide set but yet non puffy eyes and a nice pointy nose with a non over bite jaw


  10. I have the same problem as you – I was born with double eyelids, but as the inevitable aging process has set in, my right eyelid became a single. I finally bit the bullet and got the double eyelid surgery last year to make sure it was permanent, and I’ve never regretted it!

  11. Phyllis, Yeah I could be wrong about Susan (sorry Susan! you prob didn’t mean anything by it-_-). But yea I was only talking about her comment, I didn’t take offense to ur entry. I kno u don’t dislike our monolid looks:) Anyways I’m totally ok that ppl prefer certain looks on THEMSELVES, even if they have to use eye tape/ glue/ surgery.. it’s ur own body! But being put down a lot in the past has made me quite sensitive to the subject-_-“

    • Oh my! I definitely didn’t mean anything by it – I am so sorry for the way that came off Candy (and you too, Phyllis).

      I do like monolids b/c it’s pure & classy (signature of Asian beauty) – rare to find now and days.

  12. what an coincidence i just posted my virgin experience with eyelid tapes. i have double eyelids but they’re not visible when my eyes are opened and was hoping the eyelid tapes would help. i bought cheapies from ebabs just to play around. still haven’t worked out where to place the tapes to make my eyes look bigger.

  13. i had to wear eyelid tape to do a fashion show last month and it was so uncomfortable. both my parents have double eyelids and i have hidden double eyelids i think, so its not so prominant. aghhh!

  14. Hi, I’m a huge fan of your site!
    I have double-lids, but I often use the double sided eye tapes to make both eyes more even looking. I usually end up using the glue instead though.

  15. When I was little ~14-15yo, I started using eyelid tape. This was because I was born with “inner-double lids” at least that’s what mum called it haha. It basically means it looks like I had a monolid when my eyes were open.

    I would cut out invisible scotch tape and then put it over my eyes where I think the creases would go every night. And by the time it was morning, the tape had somehow managed to create a crease that I could wear for the rest of the day so I didn’t need to wear glue or tape during the day which I could never seem to hide with makeup properly.

    I don’t know if this would work for anyone else. I also don’t know if the scotch tape was bad. But I can say my eyelid skin now is fine and I have a permanent crease that I occasionally touch up with some glue at night…

  16. Hey ladies!
    I have used eyelid glue for the past 7 years and it has always worked to make my uneven double eyelids look perfect. I often create bigger crease with eyelid glue because one eye has a smaller crease than the other, but it does mess up my eye makeup and my friends always point out that my makeup looks as if it’s creasing. I have stopped using glue for over a year now, bc i’ve started using eyelid Tape! i don’t use it when going out bc it is very obvious, so instead i use it at night before i go to sleep and the next day, the creases are there and my eyes look perfect! i must admit, it doesn’t always work and sometimes when i wake up my eyelids become very poufy and dry, but i still think it’s worth it if you want perfect creases. hope this helps!

  17. I’ve tried glue once but vowed never again as I’m not one who is fond of taking the time and reapplying and removing. I think that over time the prolonged and repeated use of tape and glue would make the skin on the eyelids wrinkle.

    I’ve got monolids, but they’re medium to large, I’ve never been said to have small eyes, I guess I could say I’m lucky. However interestingly enough, I don’t know about other friends but if I wear waterproof mascara and let it dry with my head tilted back, I get deep double eyelids which will last several day at a time even after removing the mascara.

    It’s not something I particularly like sometimes and can be annoying, however when my eyes do ‘become’ double lidded, far more lashes can be seen which I enjoy of course.=]

  18. hey, is it ok if i use regular sticky tape lol? i mean does it work, and cos i dont wnan go to shops and buy all this epecifically made eyelide tape. and i heard that u get wriknles? 😀