Thanks to my parents, I was born with natural creases on both eyes. But after years of wearing contacts and eye makeup along with long hours of working on the computer and the inevitable aging process, my eyelids have become droopy over the years. When my eyes get tired, my natural creases sometimes go from a prominent line to a few folds – so not cool >.< !
To combat the problem, I started my search for the right eyelid tape. While researching, I found out that TONS of celebrities use eyelid tapes to enhance their beauty – even those who were born with natural creases! Here are a few:

Actress Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) use eyelid tape to make her natural creases deeper and more even.

Eyelid tape is definitely one of the most popular Asian beauty gadgets and have long been a holy grail for many girls. They are basically clear medical tapes used to create a “double eyelid” and to make your eyes appear rounder and larger.

Just check out the before and after pictures of Hong Kong singer Elanne Kwong below. Her “big eyes” are achieved through the use of eyelid tape and circle lens.

A lot of you wanted to know if there are ways to make eyes with monolids, i.e. no crease, bigger. So here are a few ways that I know of. Feel free to leave a comment if you can offer more tips =)

1. Makeup
I strongly believe in using the right makeup to enhance what you are born with. A really good example to show this is Taiwanese singer Elva Xiao (蕭亞軒). Below is a picture of Elva when she first started out and a recent picture of her. As you can see, makeup can make a *huge* difference in altering the size of your eyes.