What Is Eyelid Tape and How To Use It

Eyelid tape is definitely one of the most popular Asian beauty gadgets and have long been a holy grail for many girls. They are basically clear medical tapes used to create a “double eyelid” and to make your eyes appear rounder and larger.

Just check out the before and after pictures of Hong Kong singer Elanne Kwong below. Her “big eyes” are achieved through the use of eyelid tape and circle lens.

Who Can Use Eyelid Tape

* Those with a small crease
* Those with a crease
* Those with droopy eyelids
* Those with uneven creases

* Unlike you are using a double-sided tape (see below for more info), those completely without a crease are better off using eyelid glue. If you use one-sided tape, it is bound to show.

Currently, there are two kinds of eyelid tape on the market:

* Ones that come in a roll like the 3m Nexcare Blenderm Eye Beauty Tape below
* Ones that are pre-cut to match your upper eyelid. You still have to trim them a little to fit your eye.
* Double-sided fiber sticks and tape

How To Use Eyelid Tape
1. Make sure your eye area is clean and makeup-free. If you want to wear eye makeup, do so after you put on the tape.

2. Based on the curve and length of your shape, cut out a thin strip. Make sure the tape is slightly shorter than the length of your eye so it does not stick out on both ends.

3. Look into the mirror and figure out where your natural crease is.

4. Close your eyes and apply the tape.

5. Open your eyes and blink a few times. If you do not see the tape, good job you did it!

Now here comes the question everyone is dying to ask – can I still wear eye makeup with eyelid tape on? Of course you can! In fact, I highly suggest that you do to help cover up the tape. Below are a few tips that would help:

1) Eyeliner along your upper lashline is a must. It will help hide the tape and make your eyes look bigger.

2) If you are worried about the tape showing or have trouble hiding it, try to focus more on your lashes by wearing falsies.

3) When choosing the tape, pick one that is non-reflective, transparent and smooth. That way, your eye makeup will go on a lot easier too.

Possible Cons of Using the Eyelid Tape:
* Saggy skin. Constant peeling of the tape from your eyelid and improper usage can result in sagginess.

* Irritation and skin allergies. If you have sensitive skin, the tape may cause irritation.

* Time-consuming. Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao is reported to spend two hours every day just on doing her eye makeup (poor girl!)

* Slight discomfort. Some people may experience slight discomfort when wearing the tape but it is something that you can get used to.

Product Recs

3m Nexcare Blenderm Eye Beauty Tape
This is one of the more popular eyelid tapes in Hong Kong. It comes in a roll so you would have to trim it yourself. It is also transparent, non-reflective, waterproof, breathable, easy-to-remove and hypoallergenic. Plus it does not leave behind any adhesive residue and is widely available in Asia. Check it out if you get a chance!

D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape
This is my personal favorite. It is transparent, non-reflective, waterproof, breathable, easy-to-remove and hypoallergenic as well. The best part is it is double-sided and handsdown the most natural eyelid tape you will ever find on the market. See a detailed review and before-and-after pics of me using the tape here.

Interested in trying the D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape? Get it now at the Makeup For Life Beauty Store!

Learn how to make eyes without a crease look bigger and see more celebrities wearing eyelid tape!

Image: Apple Daily and Oriental Daily.


  1. I feel bad for Elva Xiao too. Gosh – two hours just on eye makeup. I use to use the tape and the glue, but due to my ultra oily lids, it didn’t last long at all. I also had an allergic reaction to the products as well. I was born with uneven eyes. One with a lid and one without a lid. Could you do a post on eyelid surgery? Thanks. Keep up the good work on your blog.

  2. I have heavy droopy single eyelid (lots of fat in the eyelids) and tape DOES NOT work. it only works for ppl who don’t have eyelids like mine. =]

  3. Well like I stated in the entry, those completely without a crease (aka those with single eyelids) are better off with an eyelid glue.

  4. Haha, I have slight crease, and it doesn’t work for me at all! It’s really obvious, even with false eyelashes, become VERY irritating after a short period.

  5. Hmmm interesting. I know people who have used the tape for years and it has worked perfectly for them. I guess it is different for different people.

  6. hmm why doesnt elva go ahead and get eyelid surgery anyway… wow she looks very different in the before pic…

  7. Well believe it or not but I read that her manager was against it because some people believe in face reading and the slightest change on your face (including surgery) can change your luck completely.

  8. hm.. i started using eyelid tape a year ago, and at first, it was pretty obvious.. until i learned to use an eyeshadow pen on top of the tape!

    eyelid tape is like an ESSENTIAL for me now LOL

  9. i tried to use tape.. but it works so weird?! Cuz only one side is sticky, so if u stick it on, I don’t get how a crease will form.. its just like a piece of tape stuck to the eyelid and nothing happens??
    But I used eyetalk and that works! Just kinda looks weird??
    Woww, Elanne looks much better

  10. wow…gosh! I just can’t imagine using it everyday!!!! Thanks for the post…I can see why they’ve got big eyes! hahaha I’ve always been wondering! Nice post!

  11. I’m so glad you posted about this! I was wanting to try the tape and you cleared up a lot of my doubts. Thank you so much!

  12. Hi I luv your blog,,
    I use the 3M eyetape, but I really have a hard time cutting it. The other corner is sticked right most of the time but at the inner corner the tape just show, Everyday ppl tells me that there is something on my eyelid,, On 1 eye I have a slight crease and the other doesnt, and for me it works better on the eye without a crease…

  13. I am living proof that double eyelid tapes DO work! I used to have no crease whatsoever and then I used the tape every single day (about 24 hours/day!) for about 2 months and now, even three years later, my creases are still here :D! They aren’t huge creases but they do significantly improve my appearance and they look 100% natural. Sometimes when I’m tired these creases go away for a day but they come back the next day. You can always wear the tape again for a day or two. So many celebrities have gotten their crease this way (many Korean ones). Other ways to increase your eye size: false lashes and circular lens.

  14. I have been using eyelid tape for the last couple of days. I already have double eyelids, but it is really deep and my eyelid is just kinda puffy. So, what I want to know is for someone like me who has double eyelids and just want to have a more prominent one, do I apply the tape above my natural crease or below the natural crease? So confused. Any tips will help.


  15. Wow! I’ve heard so many cases of people getting permanent double eye-lids using tape/glue.
    But I’ve also heard some about getting even smaller eyes afterwards!
    Should I try then? …. How long does it take to get the permanent double-eyelids?


  16. Response to July 3, 2008: I have a crease myself, but my upper lid is so prominent that it practically droops over; lots of eyelid fat as ppl tell me. The look makes me look older than I am, plus I am afraid that the upper part of my lid will eventually over take my eye. Anyhow, I have been using clear med tape & cutting them into small squares. I place them slightly above my original crease in hopes of creating a new and higher crease. After 3 wks, my right eye has conformed to the new crease, but my left eye is still having trouble. It turns out I have more loose skin on that lid. Anyhow… I’m actually amazed that it does work, but to play it safe, I’ll keep doing this for a few months.

  17. I found out that Asians aren’t the only ones using this “tape” idea. I think Asian products are easier to use though, and cheaper.

  18. I used to have one double and one mono eyelid so I started using Eyecharm’s double-eyelid tape for the mono eyelid. I mainly used it at night, leaving it on during mornings for about an hour after waking up. This gave me double eyelids throughout the day. After nearly two years of wearing the tape at night, my mono-eyelid eventually developed a crease and now I don’t have to use the tape anymore. You just have to be persistent!

  19. Where do u buy the eyelid tape with out buyin it online,cuz i don’t have credit card,does Marukai market has the Tape?Thank u guy.

  20. fat eyelid, u just have to find the right cut for ur eyes. bcos i have the same type of droopy and fat eyelids…. maybe u cam email me, so i can email u back with my pict of putting the right place for ur eyes.

    my email: lovely_dunx@hotmail.com

  21. When you first wear eyelid tape, you’ll have difficulties finding the sweet spot on your eye where the tape won’t be visible/peek through. You may even have to trim them down. Be careful, some tapes are clear and some tapes are YELLOW. The yellow ones are very visible (bad experience). There are many breathable and waterproof eyelid tapes (for a good price) that last the whole day without being very visible. For monolids, using eyeliner and/or darkening the crease you made with eyelid tape will make it more natural looking.

    For a very very natural double eyelid, when I go home, I wash my face and put on the eyelid tape right away and leave it on until the next morning. Be careful when you’re showering. Your double eye-lid SHOULD last the whole day.

  22. Ive had a droopy eyelid all my life. I feel so insicure and I feel so different. Ive had constant stys, and ive had surgery but that did not help. I really want to get rid of it. I hate it. I have to cover my eye with my hair. Im still in school so all the immature people make fun of me and I get so annoyed I cry. Will this cure me? Or atleast help?

  23. You said that if I put it on the wrong way I could cause my eyes to become droopy or puffy? How do I prevent this or help prevent it? Thanks:)