DUP Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra Review and Before-and-After Photos

My search for an eyelid tape that works on my natural creases has finally ended with D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra!

D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra

The tape comes in two types, Extra (the one featured here) and Mild. Both are made out of the same material, the only difference is that Extra is slightly “harder” to create a more defined line.

The pack contains 120 pieces of pre-cut double-sided tape, a v-shaped applicator and an instruction booklet. The instructions are in Japanese but as you can see below, the pictures are very helpful and easy to understand.

The tape itself is very thin and measures 0.09 mm thick and roughly 2.4 cm long. It fits my eye perfectly without sticking out and no trimming/cutting is required at all. It is also transparent and non-reflective. Unlike the pre-cut eyelid tapes or medical tape, it also feels a lot smoother and does not have any ridges. I find it much more comfortable to wear and when applied right, it feels like nothing at all.

Application is fast and easy. It takes me about a minute to do both eyes and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it either. While the instructions specify to use the tape on clean skin, I would recommend applying it after your eyeshadow if you plan on wearing any. I find that if I apply a lot of powder eyeshadow over the tape, it can come off easier.

The results are handsdown the most natural I have ever seen! You cannot tell the tape is on at all unless you look down or close your eyes (which is an inevitable downside of using eyelid tapes). Plus the tape really helps define my natural crease, making me look less tired.

Another thing I like is how well the tape stays on. I can wear it for 10 hours straight and it will not peel, shift or irritate my skin. Removing the tape is pretty painless as well. All you need to do is soak a cotton pad with makeup remover and leave on your eyelids for 15 to 30 seconds and the tape will come off easily.

My only gripe is the price and availability. Compared to traditional pre-cut eyelid tapes or medical tapes, this goes for $18 to $20 on most websites, which can be twice as much.

Nonetheless, D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape is a great product and I highly recommend it for single eyelids, uneven or multiple creases.

how to apply d-up wonder eyelid tape
How To Apply D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape

Multiple folds before using D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

wearing d-up wonder eyelid tape
A more defined crease after using D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

eyes with d-up wonder eyelid tapeWearing D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape

Wearing D-UP Wonder Eyelid Tape with makeup on

Overall Rating:

D-Up Wonder Eyelid Tape is now available at my beauty store. Check it out!

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  1. Jen at frmheadtotoe sells them for $16.50 with cheap shipping. not a huge difference, but something is better than nothing. i’ve always wanted to try eyelid tape.

    • Lol it’s cool. Let me know if you’re interested in purchasing this. I really think it’s worth a shot. I’ve tried many different eyelid tapes on my “multiple” creases (3M, different kinds of regular medical tape, the pre-cut eyelid tapes) and the D-Up really is the best so far. I also like the AB Mezical Fiber sticks which I will carry and review shortly =)

  2. This looks nice… Though I probably still prefer my cheap 3M medical tape since i only use tape at night to help define my crease

  3. omg…what is eyelid tape?? I don’t get it! What is it for? :(

    I have ‘larger’ eyelids, kind of like Leighton Meester? I look like Emmy Rossum though, spitting image. I don’t understand eyelid tape…do I need it?C

    • Eyelid tape is a little piece of tape you place between your eyelid to create the illusion of a crease or to correct your eye shape. Not everyone needs it.

  4. It looks great and really natural on you! I have three questions. First is, when you find the right height to place the tape on your eyelid, do you put it right smack in the center? Second questions is, do you recommend buying the “extra” or “mild”. And Lastly, is there a difference between the extra and mild..besides that extra is harder to use? Thank you so much! I LOVE YOUR BLOGGGG!!

    • Thanks Christine!

      1) Yes once you figure out where your crease should be, you place the tape on there directly. I wouldn’t suggest placing it too high though or it can look fake.

      2 & 3) I have never tried Mild so I can’t really compare the two but I have read that there’s no difference between them. One minor correction – Extra isn’t harder to use, it is just better for those who want a more prominent crease.

  5. Thanks for your reply! One more question if you don’t mind~ I know you wrote that you recommended to put the tape on AFTER you finish your eye makeup…but will it look obvious that way? Have you tried putting the tape on first and then your makeup? I usually do wear eyeshadow but not a crazy amount. What do you recommend? Thank you again!

  6. Hi! I happen to stumble upon your blog and absolutely LOVE IT!!!

    I’m Asian but I don’t have big eyes like you -___- <—this is literally how I look ;(
    So I realllllllllllllllllllllyyy want to buy this tape but I can't figure out how to order it since the website is all in Japanese! o.O so help?

    Thank you:)

  7. your makeup in this is very pretty. how can i do it? what did you use? oh and my eyes are very tiny and creaseless could i get this arch crease with that instantly? or would it need practice for my eyes before a perfect crease? and for me usually double sided tape comes off. it wont come off right? thanks

    • Hi Trish,

      A refund was issued for your Paypal transaction because the shipping address was not confirmed. I’ll shoot you an email with more details.

  8. I’m just curious to how long the tape will last? If I do my makeup and go about my business, maybe stay overnight somewhere, what are the chances it will stay on throughout the day and night? Thanks!!!

    • Normally, the tape can last a good 10-12 hours on me but if I don’t wear a ton of eye makeup over it, it can stay on overnight and even after a shower.

  9. I’ve been using this, for a week or two but after i apply it, the edges of the tape start coming off in 5 minutes. or sometimes the edges of the tape don’t even stick to my skin. When you press with the white stick, do you push the tape on your eyelid 90 degrees? Or do u push it up a little bit? and also, is the white stick making contact with the tape when you push it in your eyelid? Or do you apply the tape on your eyelid first, and then move the white stick a little bit above the tape and then push it?

    • Hi Kelly, eyelid tapes aren’t meant to create permanent creases. However, depending on the “memory” of your skin, you can get a permanent crease with eyelid tapes.