MAC Too Fabulous Collection Cremesheen Glass Reviews and Swatches

Cremesheen Glass ($18) have always been my favorite lip gloss formula from MAC and I am *so* glad they are made permanent! Unlike MAC’s Tinted Lipglass, the Cremesheen Glass never dry out my lips or leave behind that nasty white ring. Plus the texture is super creamy, totally non-tacky and gives loads of shine. All I can say is L-O-V-E!

Deelight, Just Superb, Richer, Lusher and Loud & Lovely

* Partial to Pink – This is a repromote from the Creme Team Collection that came out last year. The color is a beautiful nude pink. Click here for a swatch of me wearing it.

* Just Superb – This is a beautiful muted pink that is just a shade darker than Partial Pink. It is also one of my favorites from the collection.

* Deelight – This is a muted brown pink that is darker than Just Superb.

* Over Indulgence – This is a neutral brown color.

* Richer, Lusher – This is a gorgeous coral and the only

* Loud & Lovely – This is a blue-based hot pink color.

* Double Dare – This is a tomato red.

* Fashion Scoop – This repromote from the Creme Team Collection is a very light pink with sparkles. It shows up almost clear.

* Boy Bait – This is also a repromote from the
Creme Team Collection. It is a light nude beige color with tiny sparkles.

Overall Rating:

Read more about the MAC Too Fabulous Collection.


  1. Haha I bought deelight today and rushed from the store into the parking lot and then into my car so that I could try it on.

  2. I don’t think the model is wearing just a cremesheen glass in the ad. No cremesheen glass is THAT opaque to cover up your natural lip color completely. Plus MAC doesn’t always use products from the collection on their ads.

  3. I read on chicprofile that the lips were MAC Angel and Partial to Pink. Here’s the entire breakdown of the look:

    Step 1 “Laser Skin makeup to be” ready in 18 seconds! The result: a perfect skin with zero defects

    Use Foundation Brush # 191, take your appropriate universal-up base – Sun polish Cream SPF35 PA + + +, start from the center uniform and gently brushing on the whole face, from the inside out, from bottom to top along the face. Then use the MAC #187 Powder Brush in circular motions from the center of the face towards the eyebrows.

    Step 2 Beautiful Natural Eye Color

    Use the fake eyelashes #36 for your upper lashes and #30 for your lower lashes.

    Step 3 Blend the cheeks

    Use the MAC Blush (2 virtues color) and a small brush like #188 and use circular motions to create an effect of a elongated face.

    Step 4 Ice Cream Lipstick

    To add some ice cream on your lips use MAC most popular lipstick in Angel, a beautiful pink color and apply it on the lips to create a bright color. Follow with Ice Cream gloss Partial to Pink to create the effect that you just had some ice cream.

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