1. P.S.

    Oh, I was being stupid and didn’t know the last two are actually “lip gloss”

    Anyway, pale matte color always make me look sick so I don’t usually pay much attention to those.

  2. Phyllis, it doesn’t hurt that you have the lips to make the glosses look good!!

    I actually read from a few people that the quality of these glosses are not so good, so I didn’t get any yet. However, after seeing your pictures, I want ALL of them. How’s the lasting power of the glosses? And the texture of creme cup?

  3. Thanks Skyle =) The glosses are pretty sheer so unlike the lipsticks, they will not stay on for a very long time.

    I <3 Creme Cup and I wore it today! It goes on really smooth and creamy even on my chapped lips.

  4. OMG lavender whip looks amazing on you, i’ve checked out like a hundred other blogs and it by far looks the best on you. i might just have to get it now. can u do a full faced look with that lipstick?

  5. phyllis, which one would you recommend? is MAC Cremesheen Glass in Partial To Pink good? i mean, does it really look good, or just here in the pictures? and does it last? for an asian like me, which would you recommend? btw, you have fabulous lips!:D:)

  6. I second Carol. The colors look best on your lips from all the blogs I’ve read so far. :)

    Do you think that the CremeSheen Glasses will show up on more pigmented lips?

  7. i don’t think those are your lips because you don’t like showing your teeth when you smile…i don’t think your teeth look that nice

  8. Thanks Jacqueline =)

    Again, the Cremesheen Glasses are pretty sheer so if you have pigmented lips, stay away from the lighter colors.

  9. Ellaella,

    Thanks for paying so much attention to my pics but I have no idea where you get this idea. You can check out my Halloween FOTD where I posted a full face and a close-up picture of my lips (which ARE the same as the lips you see here).