EOTD: Evan Rachel Wood at SAG Awards 2009 Inspired Pastel Eye Makeup Look

For Jesse :

What I Used

* MAC Select Coverup in NC30 to cover up undereye circles
* Lumene Eye Makeup Base as a primer
* Anastasia Highlighting Eyebrow Kit to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Moonflower eyeshadow on the eyelid
* MAC Lavender Sky eyeshadow on the crease
* MAC Meadowland eyeshadow on the lower eye
* Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Black on upper lash line and lower water line
* Ipum False Lashes on top
* L’oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara in Black on lower lashes

Product Recs

* Stila The Precious Pearl Palette ($40)

For a breakdown of this look, read this entry.


  1. Phyllis:

    That’s such a pretty look on you! I never thought of buying that precious pearl palette since the shades looks kind of tacky on Stila’s website…

  2. Thanks guys =)

    Citrine, the colors I used for this EOTD are lighter than the ones in the Stila palette but at least the palette has all the colors you need to dupe the look – you just have to apply with a light hand.

  3. Wow That looks gorgeous Phyllis!
    I was just wondering is there any particular way you use the Select Coverup in NC30 to cover your dark circles? I use the same product but I can’t seem to achieve the same effect. The skin underneath your eyes is completely natural!!

  4. oooh… i loveeeee those colors.. n it looks so beautiful on u!! u always make it look so effortless and pretty. i can never get those colors to come out like that