EOTD: Evan Rachel Wood at SAG Awards 2009 Inspired Pastel Eye Makeup Look

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Published on February 01, 2009 with 11 Comments

For Jesse :

What I Used

* MAC Select Coverup in NC30 to cover up undereye circles
* Lumene Eye Makeup Base as a primer
* Anastasia Highlighting Eyebrow Kit to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Moonflower eyeshadow on the eyelid
* MAC Lavender Sky eyeshadow on the crease
* MAC Meadowland eyeshadow on the lower eye
* Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Black on upper lash line and lower water line
* Ipum False Lashes on top
* L’oreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara in Black on lower lashes

Product Recs

* Stila The Precious Pearl Palette ($40)

For a breakdown of this look, read this entry.


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  1. Wow! You eye looks gorgeous! Excellent job.

  2. Her hair is so pretty.

  3. Phyllis:

    That’s such a pretty look on you! I never thought of buying that precious pearl palette since the shades looks kind of tacky on Stila’s website…

  4. Thanks guys =)

    Citrine, the colors I used for this EOTD are lighter than the ones in the Stila palette but at least the palette has all the colors you need to dupe the look – you just have to apply with a light hand.

  5. you skin looks amazing. do you use anything special to keep it looking so healthy??

  6. Thanks Grace! You can check out this entry for the list of skincare products that I use:


    Other than that, I just drink a lot of water and try to catch up on my zzz as much as I can.

  7. Wow That looks gorgeous Phyllis!
    I was just wondering is there any particular way you use the Select Coverup in NC30 to cover your dark circles? I use the same product but I can’t seem to achieve the same effect. The skin underneath your eyes is completely natural!!

  8. oooh… i loveeeee those colors.. n it looks so beautiful on u!! u always make it look so effortless and pretty. i can never get those colors to come out like that

  9. Thanks so much Phyllis!! Sorry it’s taken so long to stop by. :T

  10. This is such a gorgeous look, what color and type of contacts are you wearing here?

  11. Thanks Stephanie! I’m wearing Freshlook Colorblends in Green.

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