Weekly Q&A: How To Pick The Right Eyeliner For Light Skin And Eyes

Val84: “Hey Phyllis, I have blonde hair with fair skin and blue/green eyes and I am having trouble finding a color to line under my eyes. Black and brown eyeliners often drag my eyes down, making them look smaller and tired. I have tried everything but nothing works. Any suggestions?”

Tips On Depotting MAC Eyeshadows

Lately, I have once again become obsessed with depotting and below is a freshly depotted pan of MAC eyeshadows.

MAC Euristocrats II Collection Swatches

Saint Germain, Cockney, London Life, Naked Paris, Milan Mode, Costa Chic and Patisserie Lipsticks

Bobbi Brown Fall 2009 Nudes Collection Product Information

“Nude makeup never goes out of style – it’s polished, sophisticated and always looks modern. It doesn’t mean monochromatic, barely-there makeup. It means makeup that’s right for your skin.”- Bobbi Brown