Tweezerman Zip File Review

Tweezerman’s Zip File is the perfect example of a product with an innovative packaging that actually works!

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Jeanine B. Downie

To answer some of your skin-related questions, I did a brief interview with Dr. Jeanine B. Downie, a board certified dermatologist with medical licenses in the states of New Jersey and New York. Dr. Downie is also a frequent contributor to The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View etc. and has been quoted on numerous magazines like Glamour, Allure, Elle and more.

Tweezerman BrowMousse Review

Thanks to a trick I picked up from guru Victor C at the MAC Pro Sculpting The Face Master Class and Tweezerman’s BrowMousse, I no longer have to worry about my eyebrows disappearing in the 90+°F Chicago summers!

Weekly Q&A: Eyeshadow Coordination

Jane: “I love your eyeshadow picks! How do you coordinate colors? Do you usually stick to palettes or do you mix and match them?”

Nails Of The Day: French Gel With Konad Stamping Nail Art

I just started using the Konad Stamping Nail Kit and it is *so* much fun!