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Weekly Q&A: How To Make Wide-set Eyes Appear Closer Together With Makeup

November 14, 2011

V: How should I do my makeup to make my wide-set eyes appear closer together?

Makeup for wide-set eyes

While celebrities like Kate Moss and Jessica Alba prove wide-set eyes can be beautiful, here are a few makeup tricks you can use to bring your eyes closer together.

• To draw your eyes inward, leave as much hair as possible at the beginning of the brows and try to keep your eyebrows short (see Jessica Alba above). Using a powder to fill in the eyebrows, go heavier on the inner half and make sure to blend well. Finish by blending a taupe or brown shadow from the beginning of the brow down the sides of your nose to further draw your eyes inward.

• Instead of using a light color on the inner corner of the eye, stick with medium to dark colors like brown, taupe, grey and sable. Use a lighter color on the outer half of the lid.

• When applying eyeliner, keep the liner thicker in the inner corner and center. Do not extend it upwards or past the outer corner. If you do like Kate above, your eyes will look even further apart.

Not sure if you have wide-set eyes? Just look straight into the mirror. Well-proportioned eyes only have one eye space in between the bridge of your nose. If you have more than that, your eyes are considered wide-set.

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  • Reply Loni Marie January 25, 2013 at 10:43 am

    Great post! I have wide set eyes and although everyone says wide set eyes are great I love reading about ways to balance them. Your tips are great!

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