Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Swatches and Photos Part 2

After my first batch of OCC Lip Tar Swatches, I decided to let the artist in me come out and play. Following the basics of color theory, I used the primary colors – NSFW (primary red), Yellow Iron Oxide (mustard yellow) and RX (primary cyan blue) – along with Feathered (white), to create my very own shades. To start off, here are swatches of just RX and Yellow Iron Oxide as requested by you guys:

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics RX Lip Tar Swatch

OCC Yellow Iron Oxide Lip Tar Swatch
Wearing OCC Lip Tar NSFW mixed with RX and Feathered
OCC NSFW + RX + Feathered Lip Tars

Wearing OCC Lip Tar RX mixed with Yellow Iron Oxide and Feathered
OCC Yellow Iron Oxide + RX + Feathered Lip Tars

Wearing OCC Lip Tar NSFW mixed with Yellow Iron Oxide and Feathered
OCC NSFW + Yellow Iron Oxide + Feathered Lip Tars

Since OCC Lip Tars are uber opaque as I mentioned in my review, I had to use three times as much of the white to lighten the color to make it more wearable. RX also seemed to stain my lips, skin and even teeth (yikes!) so using a brush for application and an oil-based remover is highly recommended.

What’s your favorite shade?

OCC Lip Tar is available at Sephora for $16.

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    • Lol I don’t think these can be used on the eyes. They do stain the skin a bit and will most likely smear in seconds. You can try MUFE Flash Color instead.

    • Don’t do it, they have peppermint in them! It might give a nice tingle to lips but I doubt your eyes will be as pleased.

  1. I really like the last orange color!

    My tip for using Lip Tar: reverse lip liner (or a concealer stick that isn’t to thick and a brush). I put it on before hand as usual, but I’ll also use a little more after to touch up and create a cleaner line since lip tar feathers.

    Its my secret to perfect crisp red lips with NSFW :-)

  2. I’m over here searching for Tar and Feathers for my World History class and I find this… this awesomeness.
    ._. Majorly awesome.

    (Christmas list…)