Yaby Eyeshadow and Blush Haul With Swatches

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Published on January 11, 2011 with 9 Comments

I took advantage of the exclusive 20% off Yaby Cosmetics coupon code and hauled on more of my favorite eyeshadows. More pictures after the jump!

Yaby Cosmetics Matte Satin High Shine Eyeshadows

Clockwise from top: es041 papaya milk (M), es511 highlighted (M), es160 club green (S), es296 so vein (M), es279 fairy princess (HS), es589 funky plum (M), es631 sakura (S), es005 perfect wine (M) and es287 hibiscus (M)

After getting completely hooked on Pearl Paints, how can I not pick up more?

Left to right from top: pp056 dragon fruit, pp057 strawberry sherbert, pp008 tangerine mist, pp053 persimmon, pp072 gold bar, pp009 tropical ocean, pp002 emerald sea, pp025 spring garden, pp029 lemonade, pp054 baby duckie, pp070 mermaid blue, pp036 summer night, pp024 baby sapphire, pp052 platinum, pp017 lavender snow, pp048 chocolate smoothie, pp062 tamarind, pp026 amber rain and pp040 cappuccino dream

I also picked up a new blush, bl015, a gorgeous soft coral color.

Yaby Cosmetics Blush bl015

Blush bl015

And a 40-well palette for my eyeshadows and some 20mm and 30mm empties. Now I just have to transfer my favorite lipsticks and NARS multiples onto the pans!


Yaby matte eyeshadow swatches

hibiscus, papaya milk, highlighted, club green, so vein, funky plum, sakura

Yaby dragon fruit, strawberry sherbert, tangerine mist, persimmon, gold bar, baby duckie, lemonade eyeshadow swatches

dragon fruit, strawberry sherbert, tangerine mist, persimmon, gold bar, baby duckie, lemonade

Yaby fairy princess, lavender snow, amber rain, tamarind, chocolate smoothie, cappuccino dream eyeshadow swatches
Yaby bl015 blush swatch

bl015 blush

Got a lemming going? Get 20% off your Yaby order at www.yabycosmetics.com now with coupon code makeupforlife2010!

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  1. whoaa. Those are all super gorgeous and colorful. I’m having trouble looking away!

    • Yes that’s why I couldn’t resist!

  2. i really like the color of the blush. Can you post a pic of you wearing it?

    • Definitely! Will also post swatches shortly =)

  3. Geeeez the purples and blues are really catching my attention. I am really really tempted now…

    Thanks for the coupon code, Phyllis! much appreciated =)

    • No prob Yvette =)

  4. do yaby eyeshadows fit in the unii palette?

    • Yup you can fit 36 yaby es in the UNII palette and still have room for a brush.

  5. This is amazing!

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