MAC Dazzleglass Creme Collection Swatches

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Published on September 24, 2009 with 4 Comments

Perfectly Unordinary

Soft Dazzle

My Favorite Pink

Do It Up

Creme Allure


Luscious Spark

Sublime Shine

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  1. amorous looks amazing!

  2. i definitely agree with amorous! i couldnt wait till i get my hands on this!

  3. OMG phyllis!
    This is completely random and unrelated to this blog post but did you know that max factor is disappearing in year 2010?!
    They announced it…. that means the best mascaras in the world are leaving us too :( idk what to do… since its impossible to stock up for a lifetime ;) Is there anything out there than comparess?!

  4. Like everyone else has said, amorous looks great! It definately sticks out :)

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