Gillette Venus Embrace Razor Review

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Published on March 02, 2009 with 2 Comments

The latest razor from Gillette, Venus Embrace ($12.99), has a cute purple and turquoise handle with five blades surrounded by a Protective Ribbon of Moisture to deliver a whole new shaving experience.

The razor feels a lot lighter than my Venus Vibrance Razor and it makes shaving such a dream! Not only does the handle allow great control but the blades sit perfectly on the surface of my skin so it glides smoothly even in those hard to reach areas. I always get such a close shave with absolutely zero cuts. Plus it comes with a pod that you can stick onto the wall or glass surface for holding the razor and storing the blades. Talk about nice and easy! I definitely recommend this over the Vibrance!


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  1. I bought this razor but haven’t tried it out yet because I was afraid the head was too big for sensitive areas. How do you think this will work on areas such as arm pits and bikini areas?

  2. I don’t shave down there (I wax) but this razor works great on the legs and arm pits.

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