Exfoliator Review: Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Refining Treatment

Jurlique Biodynamic Beauty Refining Treatment ($35) is an all natural exfoliant from Jurlique’s latest Biodynamic Beauty range. It contains Jurlique’s one-of-a-kind Biodynamic Blend – Rose Gallica, Licorice Root, Black Elder, Chamomile, Pansy and Sweet Violet – to reduce redness and fade discoloration; along with Calendula, Horsechestnut, Soapbark Tree, Apricot Seed and Willow Bark extracts. It does not contain parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial colors or fragrances.

I definitely like the idea of this being a natural product since green is now the new black. The grains are medium-sized but do not scratch my uber sensitive skin a teeny bit. My skin just feels clean and smooth and never dry. The smell is also very natural and pleasant and reminds me of a moisturizer from Fresh. My only complaint is its price. $35 is pretty steep for an exfoliator – you can definitely find something with similar results for a cheaper price.


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