Skinfood Aloe Sun and Mushroom Multi Care BB Creams Reviews

Here are the reviews as promised:

The Aloe Sun BB cream (shown on the left) contains aloe to hydrate and soothe your skin and is recommended for acne-prone and sensitive skins. Compared to the Gingko BB cream, the texture is slightly runnier which makes it easier to blend. It also has SPF20 to protect your skin from harmful UV rays but other than that, I do not see much of a difference between this and the Gingko Green.

As for the Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream (shown on the right), it is definitely my favorite out of the three! It contains aloe and mushroom extract, adenosine, arbutin and SPF 20 to help whiten and slow down the aging process for a brighter, more radiant complexion. It is recommended for mature skin and dull complexions. Like the Aloe Sun, the texture of this one is more runny and it feels very hydrating. It feels very light, almost like one of those watery moisturizers but gets absorbed into my skin instantly. My skin just glows after I put this on but I do not ever get oily on my t-zone when I use this. The smell of this one is also stronger than the other two but that does not bother me.

In terms of coverage, they are both similar to the Gingko Green BB cream. Coverage is sheer but it does help even out my skin. Almost half of my redness and undereye circles were gone with a dime-sized amount. I still need concealer under my eyes if I want to cover them up completely and my freckles would show through but that is totally fine with me.

Again, both the Aloe Sun and Mushroom Multi Care BB creams come in two colors which tend to be on the light side. #1 is the lightest shade and is great for a brightening effect or those with pale skin. #2 is slightly darker and would work for light to medium skin. Below is a swatch of the two shades that I found online:

Click here for my review of the Skinfood Gingko Green BB cream.


  1. LOL I like how they labeled the colors “brilliant skin” and “natural skin”, as if “natural” is dull and less brilliant.

    Do you plan on trying out other brands later on?

  2. OMFG you are amazing! thank you so much for the reviews! if i’m in between those colors (in between light to light-medium) which one would you recommend? the light one i’m scared that it’d make me look too pale and covered with white makeup,a nd the darker one is a few shades darker, so it’s look kinda weird against my face/neck… thanks in advance! <3

  3. @ tiff: although its not revolutionary, mix them both to get the perfect shade…i hear a lot of ppl have to do that.. if not, natural is actually very light already, so try that first n if its too dark then purchase a light one too! hth!

  4. Hi Phyllis! Received the bb creme in the mail 2 days ago and loving it! Have to try the mushroom one when I run out. Thank you very muchly :)

  5. Hi, Phyllis! Just wondering what skin type do you have? Dry, normal, etc.? My skin tends to be on the dry side so I am wondering if this product will look flakey/powdery or not. Thanks!

  6. I have been searching for a place to get skinfood in the US and couldn’t find it anywhere. where did you get it? by the way, thanks for the review. I didn’t know about this product. maybe i’ll get one for myself.

  7. Hi Phyllis!
    Your blog is really great and I’ve also ordered the BB Cream from Skinfood. Can’t wait to try it out! I bought the mushroom one :)


  8. hi phyllis! i really like your blog, its been really helpful. i had a question abt the mushroom bb cream. i recently ordered it and just got it yesterday. for some reason the skin on my nose is really really dry and flaking, and the bb cream seems to accentuate that. have you had problems with dry spots being more noticeable with the bb cream?

    thank you =]

  9. Phyllis thank you so much for custom purchasing the mushroom bb cream for me! I am totally in love with it and I use it every day now <3

  10. Hi, your reviews are great!! i have oily skin with quite abit of blackheads… which of the 3 bb cream would you recommend? Thank you!

  11. I know that Missha is in the States, but I didn’t realize you could get Skin Food in the here! Where /how do you purchase their products? Do they have creams that are clear/untinted? Thanks!

  12. Oh my gosh I read your other post and I have the Face Shop around where I live 😀

    Is this product recommended for young skin? (I’m 15).

  13. so is it the ginko that you like better or the mushroom? you said that the mushroom has whitening? i don’t really want to get any lighter anymore. i do have some acne scars, is mushroom better for me?

  14. Hi, I am interested in the Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream, do you ship to Canada? If so, how much for the product and shipping? Also do you provide combined shipping because I am interested in purchasing the GEO color contacts as well, can you also provide prices for product and shipping? And would there be a discount of purchasing more than 1?


  15. Hi there,i just came across your blog a couple of days ago n i’m sooo hooked. Love the reviews. BTW, do u deliver to India?
    Pls let me know soon. Dying to get my hands on bb cream. Thnx n keep up the oh-so-fabulous job 😉

  16. Hi, Phyllis

    Would you recommend bb creams to someone who has oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin? sadly, i haven’t found the right foundation for me. :( i just want something that could even out my skin, and hide some imperfections. i’m hoping that you could give me some advice regarding my concern.

    thanks in advance!:)

  17. hey, i have the same problem as shelly. oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. Which **SKIN FOOD** bb cream is better for my skin type?

    sorry it was a mistake for typing face shop just now

  18. Hi, anyone of u tried skin food Aloe BB cream before? I would like to know which is better? The face shop BB cream or the Skin food?