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April 2006

Self-Tanner Reviews

Summer is almost here and it’s finally time to get tan – yay! However, think twice before you jump under the sun or head towards the tanning salon. Skin cancer is currently the most common of all cancers in the United States and there…

April 28, 2006
Tips & Tricks

The 5-Step Asian Skincare Routine

Ever wondered why most Asian women have flawless skin that never seems to age? Besides our *awesome* good genes and a different diet, we follow the 5-step skincare routine religiously. Here are the 5 steps!…

April 27, 2006

How To: Choose A Lip Color

Here’s for Wing =) To choose a lip color that is right for you, you have to consider the following: 1. The Look You Are Going After Dark colors will make you look more mature while young colors will make you look younger. If…

April 25, 2006

MAC Pigments 101 – What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

MAC Pigments are basically highly concentrated loose color powders that come in different finishes: Matte, Metallic and Frost. They are a dream to blend, do not streak or cake and last forever. And since they go on super pigmented, you only need a teeny…

April 19, 2006