How To: Choose A Lip Color

April 25, 2006

Here’s for Wing =)

To choose a lip color that is right for you, you have to consider the following:

1. The Look You Are Going After
Dark colors will make you look more mature while young colors will make you look younger. If you are doing a dark smoky eye, keep your lips nude. Similarly, if you are doing a nude eye, go with a bold lip color.

2. Natural Skin Tone
Pale skins look good in reds with blue undertones, light pinks, honey, mocha and pinkish beiges. Medium skins are flattered by rich reds with brown or yellow undertones, pinks with brown undertones, medium browns from mocha to caramel. Redheads should go for brownish undertones like raisiny reds, and deep peach shades. Deeper skin tones like brownish reds and plums, sheerest pinks, pink-glossed beige and virtually any shade of brown. Olive skins look good in brownish reds and berries, deepest pinks, chocolate, yellow-browns and plummy browns.

3. Lip Shape
Dark colors will make your lips look thinner and light colors will make them look fuller.

4. Try It Out!
Just because the color looks good in the tube or other people does not necessarily mean it would look on you. The best way to see if a lip color is right for you is simply to test it out for yourself.


  • Reply Anonymous April 26, 2006 at 12:07 pm

    Hi loving your blog by the way. I hav a question: do you have any tips for people with short lashes? Cuz mine are really short, I tried using mascara but it always smudges everywhere and it’s a total mess. Also, would it look weird if I use eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation/concealer/powder but no mascara? Thank you so much, I read your blog regurlarly. -Jessica

  • Reply Vannie April 26, 2006 at 7:02 pm

    Hi! =) I was wondering if you could teach me how to apply fake eyelashes (with pics). I bought some two years ago for my prom and it took me forever to apply. It made me look pretty, but didn’t stick to my lids. I got frustrated because I kept applying glue and then threw them away. lol. But another important event is coming up and I want dramatic lashes. Ive tried alot of mascaras before, but nothing compared to the dolly look I had at my prom (before I tore them off and thre them…) If ever you do got the time, thanks in advance!

  • Reply Phyllis April 27, 2006 at 1:21 pm

    hi Jessica, I would suggest using false eyelashes or a lengthening mascara with fibers. To avoid mascara smudges, choose a waterproof formula.

    To be honest, I would not recommend going without mascara because mascara is prolly the best thing to open up your eyes. If you’re going all out with the rest of your face, you might as well apply mascara as well to complete the look.

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