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February 2006

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Different Ways To Apply Foundation And Concealer

Salamandax requested some recommendations on brushes for applying foundations and concealer so here you go – sorry it took me so long! I have also included other tools that you can use, hope you guys find it useful. Brushes Using a brush can make…

February 24, 2006

Poll: Favorite Eyeshadow and Eye Color

Since I have been posting about eyes makeup so much lately, I wanted to do a little poll on your favorite eyeshadow and your natural eye color. Just copy and paste the following, type in your answers and post them as a comment. Favorite…

February 23, 2006

MAC Makeup Looks: In Mode

I really liked these looks from MAC so I had to post them on here: Limelight This classic smoky eye look is *hot*. Pair it with a nude or pink gloss. Use Clear Brow Set to groom brow hair. Highlight the brow bone using…

February 23, 2006