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February 2006

Tips & Tricks

How To: Revamp Your Eyeshadows

Getting bored with your eyeshadows? A quick way to spice them up without having to splurge on new shades is to add a darker color with a pencil eyeliner or cream eyeshadow underneath. This makes the color on top so much more vivid and…

February 22, 2006

How To: Get Glowy Skin With Makeup

We always see glowy skin on celebrities and models but not everyone is blessed with that. The good news is you can fake the glow with makeup and a few tricks tricks.…

February 20, 2006
Tips & Tricks

Foundation Tips: Q&A

xbabygirl said: Hello! I was wondering (if possible) if you could do a post geared towards foundation color and foundation products aimed at Asians? I have trouble buying foundation because they’re always off and it’s not like I can walk out of the store…

February 19, 2006
Tips & Tricks

Homemade Tend Skin Recipe: Get Rid Of Ingrowns Now!!

For those of you who shaves or waxes, ingrowns are probably your biggest nightmare. The only way to prevent ingrowns is regular exfoliation but there are also treatments out there to help with the problem. Sephora sells a product called Tend Skin ($20-35) that…

February 17, 2006

Stila Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation Review

When I saw pictures of the Asian exclusive Stila Angel Light Whitening Powder Foundation (~$47), I could not resist the super cute packaging and ended up going through great lengths to get my hands on it. The foundation came with SPF24+ and whitening properties…

February 15, 2006