Concealer Reviews

One thing I can never live without is concealer. I rely on it every single day to cover up those nasty undereye circles and redness around my nose.

Now I understand finding the holy grail concealer can be a long and tedious journey, which is why I will be starting a list of concealer reviews to hopefully help you guys narrow down some of your choices.


  1. Hey, your blog is great. I love it.
    Awesome revies you do here ^^
    I have a question about concealers, which is maybe a bit stupid but do you use concealers only under your eyes or can I use them everywhere on my face to hide flaws ? I’m not really sure about it but I never used concealer before, I just put on my fav foundation as basement.

    PS: I’m German, so sorry for all grammer mistakes I make ^^;;

  2. You can use concealers pretty much anywhere – under your eyes, around your nose, on zits, freckles or any other problem areas.

    Basically, what concealers do is cover up whatever you don’t want other people to see. Having said that, not everyone needs concealer. If you are born with flawless skin, a little tinted moisturizer would suffice. It’s really up to you.

  3. hi~i hv been reading ur posts for quite a few time!
    nice to meet u chinese n i m from HK
    how do u think abt Bobbi Brown n Laurer Mercier Concealer

    i think they r both good except that BB is too dry but the coverage is very good

    LM is mosturizing but coverage is medium tho

  4. hi!
    i have been wearing underye concealer for years, but my main problem is when im red. in pictures, my concealer no longer matches my skin color and it is so obvious. do you have any suggestions??

  5. Hi! Woooow! I really love your reviews! :) What do you recommend for hiding acne (pit) scars so that it would be less obvious? 😀

    Thanks so much! :)

  6. hello,
    thanks for the reviews! may i know what’s your favourite concealer for covering blemishes? also can the same concealer be used for undereye circles and blemishes? thanks (:

  7. I feel really really stupid asking this question but i am a total beauty zero-i am 27 and just now trying to learn how to use makeup! i just got Stila illuminating concealer, do you put foundation on first? then concealer? omg-im sorry this is prob the stupidest question ever! I also have tinted moisturizer….not sure when to use that/concealer/foundation….please help!

  8. Hi Mel,

    To cover up blemishes, you need a creamy/pencil concealer. My picks are:

    * MAC Touch-Up Stick
    * Concealer by Barbara Daly for Tesco (

    As for whether you can use the same concealer for undereye circles and blemishes, it all depends on the individual. I personally don’t just because

    1) my undereye area tends to be drier so I need a slightly more moisturizing concealer.

    2) certain undereye concealers contain light-reflecting particles to blur away circles/fine lines and using this type of concealer on the pimple may highlight it instead of camouflage it.

    3) you need an exact match to cover up pimples but depending on your skin tone, you may need a lighter match to cover up your circles.

  9. Hello
    I have SEVERE dark circles under my eyes. I do not have any wrinkles, but my dark circles are deep and dark.
    What concealer would be best for me?


  10. Hey Phyllis, I was wondering what you thought of the MUFE Full Cover Concealer and what shade would you use? Thank you :)