FOTD: Christmas Party Glittery Makeup Look

With Christmas nearing and a schedule crammed with parties and celebration, I am sure most of you are probably wondering what makeup to wear with your party outfits. If you ask me, glitter is definitely the way to go because glitter = instant glamor! You can wear it on the eyes, on the cheeks and even on the lips. The key is to focus on one feature and play it up. Glitter all over is simply an overkill.

NARS Firming Foundation Review

At $50 a pop, NARS Firming Foundation is definitely not your every day foundation. It contains a patented Polypeptide Firming Complex, Gatuline RP, brown algae, organic gotu kola, boswellia along with Vitamin C to reduce inflammation, relax facial muscles and promote collagen production meaning you can be wearing makeup and slowing down the aging process at the same time.

NARS Firming Foundation

Celebrity Makeup Breakdown: Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan in Twilight

So I gave in to the teenager inside of me and saw Twilight the second day it came out *lol* While British hottie Robert Pattinson looked totally yummy in the movie, I could not help but drool over female lead Bella Swan’s makeup. Played by actress Kristen Stewart, Bella’s look is soft and natural with an innocence that is totally to die for.

Kristen Stewart as Bella makeup in twilight

How To Create A Dramatic Glossy Eye Look

After the natural glossy eye tutorial last week, let’s look at a slightly more advanced version of the same look – a dramatic glossy eye.

Since the look involves the use of darker colors, it will require a bit more patience and practice to master it. Compared to the natural glossy eye, this also has a higher tendency to smudge. I highly suggest you save it for photoshoots or the runway.

Glossy smoky eye makeup tutorial

Barbie Is Making Her Comeback At 50!

So I have already posted pictures of Barbie’s All Doll’d Up makeup collection. Well word has it that parent company Mattel Inc. will celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday by marketing Barbie as a fashion brand.