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MAC Autumn/Winter 2011 Makeup Looks

July 4, 2011


A Sixties redux vibe that’s making texture-play feel contemporary by giving retro-inflected looks a modern rethink.

Haute & Naughty Lash
Lingering and Fling Eye Brows
Root Cream Colour Base
Smolder Eye Kohl
Fascinating Eye Kohl

Complete Comfort Creme
Care Blends Essential Oils
Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)
Select Cover-Up Concealer
MAC Gloss
MAC PRO Shine Mixing Medium
Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15
MAC PRO Sculpting Powder
Pearl Cream Colour Base
Luna Cream Colour Base
Seaside Cream Colour Base (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)

Peachstock Lipstick
Freckletone Lipstick
Illicit Lipglass (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)
Have to Have It Lip Pencil (Available Summer 2011)


The hard, honed look at androgynous makeup’s stamped-on red lips and fiercely tuned eyes that’s making boy-girl power and attitude about more than raw skin and bare lashes.

Lingering and Fling Eye Brows
Mineralize Eye Shadow in Blue Sheen (Available Summer 2011)
Mineralize Eye Shadow in Smoked Ruby (Available Summer 2011)
Mineralize Eye Shadow in Dark Indulgence (Available Summer 2011)
Black Penultimate Eye Liner
Clear Brow Set
NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil
Dark Brown Cream Colour Base
Mid-tone Sepia Cream Colour Base

Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
Invisible Set Powder
Prep + Prime Highlighters
White Face and Body Foundation
MAC PRO Taupe Powder Blush
MAC PRO Sculpt Sculpting Powder
MAC PRO Bone Beige Sculpting Powder
MAC Gloss

Lip Conditioner SPF 15
Clear Lipglass
Dim Lip Erase
Runaway Red Lipstick (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)


A reconsideration of decadence executed in a way that’s all about creatve confidence and the most high-tech colours and textures.

Chromagraphic Pencils in Hi-Def Cyan, Primary Yellow, Basic Red, Pure White, Landscape Green, Genuine Orange, and Marine Ultra
Cherry Lip Pencil
Marine Ultra Pigment
MAC PRO Burgundy Lipmix
36 Lash
Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Plush (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)

Old Gold Metal Pigment
MAC PRO Gold Glitter
Pigment in Electric Coral
MAC PRO Pigments in Neon Shades

MAC PRO Fuchsia and MACPRO Orange Lipmix
Ruby Woo Lipstick
MAC Gloss
Clear Lipglass


Soft, super-blended and stained shades given a modern rethink by being treated as a new form of monochrome and given an artistic attitude and technique.

Soba Eye Shadow
Crystal Eye Shadow
Khaki Cream Colour Base
Groundwork Paint Pot
Indigo Eye Pencil
Smoked Ruby Mineralize Eye Shadow (Available Summer 2011)
Golden Gaze Mineralize Eye Shadow (Available Summer 2011)
Weathered Pro Longwear Eye Shadow (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)
Sweet Satisfaction Pro Longwear Eye Shadow (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)
Bordeauxline Powerpoint Eye Pencil

Accentuate Sculpting Cream (Available soon)
Cheek Powder Blush
Pearl Cream Colour Base

Photo Lipstick
Cork Lip Pencil
One of a Kind Lipstick (Available Summer 2011)
Prince Noir Lipstick (Available Autumn/Winter 2011)
Currant Lip Pencil
Beet Lip Pencil

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