New Body Butter Duo From The Body Shop

Starting next month, my favorite Body Butter from The Body Shop will be available in a new formula!

The new Body Butter Duo comes in the regular 6.75 oz tub but with two formulations in the same fragrance and divided by smart packaging. One side contains Community Fair Trade shea butter, cocoa butter, Brazil nut oil and organically-grown soya oil to moisturize normal skin that require a sheer moisture infusion, like the stomach and arms. The other contains the same ingredients as well as beeswax and babassu oil to cater to drier areas, for instance the elbows, knees and shins.

There are also four delicious flavors to choose from, including invigorating Floral Açai, comforting Vanilla, relaxing Macadamia and uplifting Sweet Pea.

Can’t wait to check them out!

The Body Shop Body Butter Duo will be available in stores and online on July 6th for $18 each.


    • Thanks for the headsup but where did you see the duos? I just stopped by my local TBS store and was told they would be available tomorrow?