The Body Shop Body Butter *rocks*!!

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Published on June 25, 2007 with 17 Comments

I have always loved The Body Shop Body Butter ($17.50) and it is the only lotion that I would use on my body religiously – I am usually too lazy to apply lotion after I shower *lol*

These babies come in cute, colorful tubs and they smell so good I literally want to eat them! The texture is also nice and thick and it does spread like butter. Plus it is non-greasy and sinks right into your skin, leaving it baby soft and moisturized for up to 24 hours!

There is currently a deal going on in the UK where you can get a 200ml tub at half price (£6 as supposed to £12) so run to your nearest counter and pick one up!

Flavors That I Love
* Brazil Nut
* Grapefruit
* Peach


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  1. I LOVE these as well~
    i think the papaya one smells the best ^_^

  2. i really hate TBS body scrub and butter, after using scrub i feel like there’s a layer of oil on my skin, i can never wash it off. butter is just too oily for me, even tho i have very dry skin, it’s hard to absorb. but i do agree they come with yummy flavor, make me wanna eat’em

  3. i love the strawberry one .it is so nice!!!!
    it has a similar consistency of cocoa butter!!!

  4. are there any chocolate/coconutty scents?

  5. I have to agree as well. I personally LOVE the Olive one for extra dry skin.

  6. Is this the kind of butter that helps with cellulite?

  7. The Pink Grapefruit one is the best. I’m lazy too, but it makes me actually want to use it!

  8. the strawberry smells really good too :)

  9. I think there is a coconut flavor.

    Mandy, I don’t think this helps with cellulite. Try Bio Oil for that.

  10. i also lovr the vaseline intensive care aloe fresh is a cheap way of feeding your skin.
    it is so great for refreshingness.
    Try it out!!!

  11. I love using that, i got the olive one… but that was a while ago… I would like to get the grapefruit next :P

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    I love your blog by the way! Great tips and looks..keep writing!

  13. hey okay i have a question not related to this post but here goes:
    okay i started using waterproof mascara so that my lashes will stayed curled all day but after i put on the mascara my lashes stick to the curler which is a do you have any suggestions?
    thanks in advance

  14. i love them too :)
    my fav are

    passion fruit
    pink grapefruit

    sooo good. a while back, they were giving out free samples in these tiny tubs. good to carry around in the winter

  15. The coconut one is my all time favourite! I also bought the cocoa butter one – and everytime i opened it up, my boyfriend would go…”What stinks?!”

  16. i have the olive one. i donno why ppl always give me this “are u crzy look” but olive really does smell nice =)
    i agree. love ‘em as well

  17. hi
    just like to say i use the plum body butter however i wear baby oil and then the body butter on top but i get dry skin i don’t know why i like to keep my skin moisturised after all every day moisture is the key to beautiful skin

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