1. Erth Minerals has some great metallics too & theirs is priced right- only $6 each compared to Mac prices:)They also happen to have great customer service & have a $5 discount available currently on any orders over $25.


  2. I know Jenn! The new packaging looks like it would hold less product. I’ll pick one up from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection and do a comparison.

    No I’ve never used up a pot. These babies last forever!

  3. Which would you say is closest to Mac Juxt shadow?
    It’s one of my absolute favorites and I’ve been trying to find a replicate since it was discontinued. :(

    • Hi Natalie, a lot of these shades are limited-edition as well but you can try MakeupGeek’s Shimmermint or Milani’s Garden Mist.