My Makeup Stash: MAC Pigments Photos and Swatches Part II

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Published on December 30, 2009 with 10 Comments

Here’s my MAC pigment collection Part II!

Your Ladyship



Lily White


Jardin Aires


Blonde’s Gold

Gold Mode

Click here for the reds and pinks and stay tuned for the greens, blues, purples and browns!


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  1. wow you have a lot! they are all sooo pretty though!

  2. I love your blog it’s one of my faves! But anyway, I still haven’t bought a mac pigment because I was more
    or less dissapointed with their eyeshadow, and their foundation made me break out. Now I just stick to my small but ever growing Nars. By the way, do you think that you could do a Nars starter kit, or review the products that you have from them?

  3. i see that you use a lot of pigments since the jars are half empty, but could you tell us what you use them for phyllis? also, is there a way to limit fall outs from the pigments when used as e/s?

  4. They all look exactly the SAME. I dont understand buying multiple pigments (one they are expensive) but two, why bother if 3 shades are close enough?

  5. Your Ladyship and Goldnaire is gorgeous.

  6. oh i thought the lily white looks pinkish in a jar but it comes out white on ur hand :)

  7. PK,

    Pigments are great for a lot of things, depending on the color. Please refer to this for more info:

  8. Ann,

    Some of the colors are similar but not all. Plus a lot of the times, the texture is different (this applies to regular eyeshadows as well).

  9. Constanzz,

    Lily White is a really frosty light peach color which is why it shows up more silver/white.

  10. Cristina,

    I will do one on NARS =)

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