Lady Gaga Goes Fresh-Faced Again For Elle

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Published on December 02, 2009 with 8 Comments

Lady Gaga graces the cover of the January 2010 Elle looking absolutely beautiful! She first debuted the fresh-faced look in the Bad Romance music video and a German TV show in Braunschweig. Read on to find out how Billy B, the genius behind Gaga’s new look, worked his magic on our Lady.

Billy B drew his inspirations from iconic actresses like Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot. He “lined the inside of her eyes with white liner, gave her the big lashes. A darker lip line and much lighter in the inside, a sort of modified party lip.”

So what do you think about the new Gaga and is her new look here to stay? It better cos I’m really lovin it!

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  1. She looks a lot like Madonna in this one.

  2. I love Lady Gaga! At first, she did kind of scare me. But now I love all her looks.

    I think she actually looks the most normal in her music video “Eh, Eh” (although she is really spray-tanned).

  3. I love ALL her looks, this one as well.
    But i think she looked had the nicest bare look face in her Bad Romance vid.

  4. She does look a lot like Madonna in the first one.

  5. I love her look now, she looks gorgeous!

  6. Yes I agree she looks like Madonna but that stills Gaga !
    I really love this look and I prefer this fresh look that in her video Bad Romance :)
    And her (false ?) hairs are great!!!!!

  7. loves it! do you have any idea what lipcolor she is wearing?!

  8. Lady Gaga looks gorgeous with her fresh faced look! Very inspiring :D

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