Yaby Cosmetics Pearl Paint Eyeshadows and Liquid Foundation Haul

After my first Yaby Cosmetics palette that was customized by founder Liz Yu herself, I am completely hooked on the brand! So here again, I hauled some more colors from my favorite Pearl Paint Eyeshadows and also their latest Natural Liquid Foundation.

Top: Baby Grass, Sea Turtle, Emerald Dragon and Butterfly Blue; Bottom: Geranium, Violet Crystal, Purple Iris and Hematite

Lavender, Wasabi, Custard and Honey

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  1. its all your fault that i’m hooked too 😉 i loooove yaby! i am so glad that you did that first review on them :) i’m definitely gonna come back for more. cant wait for them to find a retailer in germany or the uk!! xxx