Meeting Liz Yu from Yaby Cosmetics at The Artist Summit Chicago

Today at the Artist Summit Chicago, I got to meet Liz Yu, creator of Yaby Cosmetics, a Toronto-based makeup line that has already caused quite a buzz among pro artists and beauty lovers in the US.

Liz and Me

Liz was a total sweetheart and even helped me build very own Yaby palette. Here is what I ended up with. Gorgeous colors aren’t they?!

Eyeshadow: ES283 Pure Yellow, PP012 Frosted Rose, PP001 Midnight Blue, ES276 Olivetini, ES611 Carbon Paper, ES241 Just Orange, PP061 Copper Ruby, ES114 Jungle Mist, PP0019 Antique, PP047 Eggplant
Concealer: CC011
Lipgloss: LC277
Lipstick: LC013 and LC373
Blush: BL020
Bronzer: BL012 (Bronzer)
Setting Powder: PD100
Highlighting Power: PF091
Brow Power: BP004, BP003 and BP001

Reviews of the palette and FOTD to come soon!


  1. Liz Yu! I so wish I could meet her and see her line of products personally… but since I know i’m getting the Pearl Paint palette already… I guess I can save the $85 admission fee… How’s the blushes? Are they good?

  2. The colours are gorgeous and I liked that everything is in one palette for easy access and it certainly saves room in my makeup box. Being Canadian I always love hearing and learning about Canadian brands. I haven’t heard about Yaby yet. Thanks for introducing us to this line Phyllis!