EOTD: Smoky Eyes With Black and Purple

What I Used

* NARS Firming Foundation in Fiji – on undereye area
* Jane Magical Mushroom eyeshadow – to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Plum eyeshadow – on entire eyelid
* Jane Clubbing eyeshadow – on inner half of the eyelid
* MAC Inventive eyeshadow – on outer corner and in the center of the lower eye
* MAC White Wheat eyeshadow – to highlight inner and outer corner of the lower eye
* Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Black – to line
* Taiwanese Fake Eyelashes – top


  1. love the color combo ~ i agree with sarah above…. love how you used black in the inner corner ~ keep up the EOTDs!

  2. Thanks girls =) I got the idea from Nina Ricci’s Fall 2009 show at Paris where they used a black and brownish purple on the eyes.

  3. Those Taiwanese fake lashes look dramatic yet sooooo natural… makes me really want to go to Taiwan and stock them up… They are soooooooooo popular in Hong Kong now.

  4. Hi Phyllis

    just wondering where I can get the Jane eyeshadows from? don’t think i’ve come across it here in London


  5. Cassie,

    The color I used on my brows is actually an eyeshadow which explains the shimmer. I only do this when I’m trying to make my eyebrows look lighter.

  6. oh I love this look, I always use purple eyeshadow =)
    Does the Nars firming foundation work on wrinkles? cuz I have wrinkles under my eyes, probably from the years of foundation i use. I’ve been using bb cream but I don’t see a difference.

  7. Thanks Jenny =)

    To be honest, nothing can completely get rid of wrinkles unless it is something really strong prescribed by a derm or plastic surgery. Makeup that has skincare properties will only help prevent your skin from getting worst and keep your skin in good shape. You need to use an eye cream that is targeted for wrinkles (look for ones that contain retinol).

  8. hi phyllis! i’m a long time reader…i actually ordered a bb cream from you awhile back when you first offered them. anyway, i was wondering where you got jane’s magical mushroom?? it was one of my favorite eyeshadows and was devastated when they discontinued it. did they bring it back and i completely missed it? please help! thx! :)

  9. hi..i really like this post..
    can you teach us the steps in applying it either in this blog or your chinese blog?

    Thanks alot!!!

  10. Hi, may I know the MAC Plum eyeshadow is it same as MAC Plum Dressing eyeshadow that you were referring to?

    THank you.