How To: Create The Barbie Doll Makeup Look

Since Barbie is celebrating her 50th birthday this month, I just have to blog about the beauty icon! Read on to learn how you can pull a Barbie look!

* Think PINK – lots and lots of it. Afterall, pink IS the epitome of the “girly girl”, just like Barbie.

* Big doll eyes. This can be achieved by using light shimmery eyeshadows on the eyes, eyeliner on top and thick lashes. Rimming your lower lash line with a white or flesh-colored pencil will help make your eyes appear wider as well. For an extra pop, try a pair of circle lenses.

* Sweet pink cheeks. Swirl a medium pink blush like MAC Pink Swoon onto the apples/cheekbones with a big blush brush in a buffing motion so it really blends into your skin.

* Luscious pink lips. Remember to exfoliate your lips with an old toothbrush and apply a generous layer of lip balm before you apply any lip color.

* A confident attitude. We all know confidence = sexy.

My Take

What I Used

* Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Liquid SPF 10 Makeup in Intensity 2.0
* MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC30 under eyes
* Anastasia Highlighting Eyebrow Kit to fill in eyebrows
* MAC Pink Freeze eyeshadow on entire eyelid
* Medium Pink eyeshadow from Sleek I-Divine Palette in Original on outer corner
* NARS Ashes to Ashes Eyeshadow lightly on crease
* NARS All About Eve Duo Eyeshadow under browbone
* Benefit Bad Gal Liquid Liner in Black to line on top
* Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Pure White on lower waterline
* Taiwanese False Lashes on top and bottom
* MAC Mineralize Blush in Pleasantry along cheekbones
* Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Pink Champagne on lips with MAC Cremesheen Glass in Petite Indulgence on top

Remember to watch out for Barbie’s fashion show at the NY Fashion Week on 2/14 and a line of Barbie makeup and skincare products later this year!

Like my Barbie look? Check out my MAC Barbie FOTD as well!


  1. Pink Freeze looks great on you… for some reason it looks totally wrong on me…

    The concealer looks really great on you as well… I probably should check it out…

  2. You look sexier than Barbie hehe. 😛

    This is THE pink lip color I’ve always wanted. Do you know if MAC has any dupes?

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    Your makeup looks flawless as always! Can you tell me how you fill in your brow? Like what brush brand do you use?

  4. hey doll,
    how do u like the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer? is it all better than the select cover up and studio finish?
    and is the Studio Sculpt Concealer permanent?


  5. Tina,

    A friend of mine picked up those lashes from Taiwan for me and trust me, they are so much better than the American ones!

  6. Mimi,

    I *love* the Studio Sculpt Concealer! It blends a lot better than the Studio Finish and the coverage is excellent. I do believe the concealer is permanent.

  7. Um, Phyllis, you look GORGE. I don’t know what else to say. Pinks don’t work with all skin tones and sometimes too much of it will look tacky, but you completely pull it off. I love your pink eyeshadow and lipstick combo. I also have pleasantry in my collection, but since the lasting power isn’t so good, I’m putting it up for swap.

    I just bought studio scult concealer and it’s amazing as well.

    But I do have a question — I have Chanel’s Pro Lumiere in Claire 20, and it’s a perfect match for my skin. I also have studio sculpt concealer and foundation in NC20 + NC25, and that’s ALSO a perfect match for my skin. I know you’ve said you wear Chanel’s Pro Lumiere in Limpide? And you are NC30? It’s completely odd…are the shades off or does my face change colors? 😉

  8. Are those taiwanese lashes much better? I tried the coveted Princess Lee eyelashes and I feel nothing special about them. I still love my Ardells… lol

  9. thank you phyllis (=

    last question, the select cover up, i found it’s drying to conceal the acne…does the Studio Sculpt Concealer cover acne well? and drying?

  10. Mimi,

    If you’re trying to cover up acne, a cream concealer would work better than a liquid. The Studio Sculpt Concealer covers everything and I don’t find it drying on my undereye area at all.

  11. hey girl..

    i was wondering do you have any swatches for the rimmel pink champagne itself ?

    if not..

    then is it frosty or ?


  12. Omg your so pretty :)
    I dont know if it would offend you but I hope it dont. :S
    I was wondering if you ever got implants? Because your boobs are pretty big for an asian haha :)

  13. hmm yeah not Barbie enough… if you look at a photo of Barbie, her eyeshadow is a lot stronger with distinct lines!