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December 2008

Sleek I-Divine Palette in Original Review

One thing I missed about living in London is definitely scouting through Boots and Superdrug for awesome drugstore finds. And during my recent trip back there in the fall, I picked up the Sleek I-Divine palette in Original (£5.49) that has quickly become one…

December 9, 2008

FOTD: Christmas Party Glittery Makeup Look

With Christmas nearing and a schedule crammed with parties and celebration, I am sure most of you are probably wondering what makeup to wear with your party outfits. If you ask me, glitter is definitely the way to go because glitter = instant glamor!…

December 4, 2008
Product Reviews

NARS Firming Foundation Review

At $50 a pop, NARS Firming Foundation is definitely not your every day foundation. It contains a patented Polypeptide Firming Complex, Gatuline RP, brown algae, organic gotu kola, boswellia along with Vitamin C to reduce inflammation, relax facial muscles and promote collagen production meaning…

December 3, 2008