Sleek I-Divine Palette in Original Review

One thing I missed about living in London is definitely scouting through Boots and Superdrug for awesome drugstore finds. And during my recent trip back there in the fall, I picked up the Sleek I-Divine palette in Original (£5.49) that has quickly become one of my staples.

The Original palette is one of the three palettes that Sleek makes. The other two are Storm, a palette with neutrals in a metallic finish and Chaos, a palette with bright matte colors.

All palettes come in a thin, matte black case with the word “Sleek” on the cover. The Original palette contains 12 mineral-based eyeshadows in a beautiful array of colors which reminded me a lot of MAC eyeshadows. All shades are super shimmery and would work on most skin tones. They also apply really smooth and are easy to work with. But the best part? They are heavily pigmented and they actually stay on all day.

Plus unlike most palettes, this comes with a huge mirror that is wide enough for you to see all of your eye and the double-ended sponge applicator actually works great for application.

I really do not have anything bad to say about this palette. It is cheap yet it delivers. If you are located within the UK, definitely check it out!

To see the palette in action, check out this beautiful Katie Holmes inspired EOTD Indian Girl did with the Original palette I sent her.

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  1. Kimberly, the palette is only sold in the UK (Sleek is a UK drugstore line). I might be able to arrange something if you are interested in getting one.

  2. This looks fab – I’m definitely going to go and pick one up! Can you remember was it Boots or Superdrug you bought it in?

  3. hey Phyllis !
    would you mind doing an FOTD on this product? i would really love to see how the result comes out (: thx ! btw your blog is my major source for beauty products now. love it !

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    I love staying updated with all your great info! Just wondering if you can recommend anything for me? My lashes have been falling out, loosing their natural curl and getting thin over time. I have stopped wearing mascara on a regular basis (even though I use good quality/branded ones) and have heard things about a lot of pricey conditioners. Please let me know what you recommend. Thank you!

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    Just wondering which superdrug store in uk u bought your Sleek, My friend in uk tried to look for me in one of the superdrug store at her area, but do not have Sleek.

  6. Well i do know that some superdrug stores have taken it off the line, most likely because it wasn’t selling as well.

    I recommend the eyeliner though, My friend bought it and it’s probably one of the best i’ve use. It’s one of those twisty ones. =D Once you put it on, it looks a little like liquid liner.

  7. Hi, I live in the US and Im interested in purchasing the palattes. I have been looking everywhere. Do you know of any possible way to get them. Thanks

  8. i have this palette too, but havent tried it, after reading the review and see your swatches, i will try it soon, by this week itself… haha.. thanks