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May 2006

Eyeshadow Tips: Blue + Brown = Hotness

Pairing blue with brown is a hottt look for the summer. Want proof? Just look at the print ad from Shu Uemuera on the left. Makeup companies are also putting both shades in their eyeshadow palettes. Examples: * Hard Candy Eyeshadow Quartet in Suede…

May 30, 2006
Product Reviews

My Brazilian Wax Experience

For those are you who are considering getting a bikini wax for the summer, I say go all the way and get a Brazilian instead! I had my first Brazilian a few months ago and now I am totally hooked!…

May 22, 2006
Product Launches

Sale of Stila

Here is the latest scoop behind the sale of Stila. I used to really like their eyeshadows and palettes – this is *so* sad =(…

May 20, 2006
Tips & Tricks

What Is The Correct Order to Put On Makeup?

A lot of readers wanted to know the correct order to put on makeup. But if you ask me, I don’t think such a thing exists. Different people have different ways of doing things. It is true that there are certain rules you should…

May 18, 2006

Hawaiian Tropic Island Glow Daily Moisturizer Review

Scratch the self-tanner reviews I did earlier becauseHawaiian Tropic Island Glow Daily Moisturizer ($6) completely blew everything else away! I bought this in Medium after reading some rave reviews online and I have been using this religiously for more than a week now. Like…

May 11, 2006