How To Use A Kabuki Brush

Today I would like to write about Kabuki – not the kind of traditional Japanese theatre where heavily made-up men run around screaming in ancient Japanese nor the drink with sake but an awesome tool for makeup, the Kabuki brush.

A kabuki brush is a dome-shaped brush with a short, flat-bottomed handle that can sit upright on your desk. It is used mostly to apply loose powder, pressed powder, bronzer, blush and mineral foundation.

Kabukis can be used as an all-over duster or just to blush the apple of your cheeks. The key is to use small circular motions to buff the product onto your skin.

I have been using Cat Cosmetics Kabuki Brush ($39) for the past 2 days to apply loose powder and blush and boy am I in love with it! The brush is made of super euro goat hair and it is densely-packed, uber soft and very well-anchored. It is great for buffing, deposits the color evenly and makes the powder literally undetectable! It also comes in a black faux leather case that is oh-so-cute! Right now they are doing a promotion for only $30 until the end of the month. Definitely go grab yourself one of these! You will *love* it!


  1. hey i was just wondering do u think its alright if i use the same kabuki brush for bronzer and blush if i clean off whatevers left over from each use?