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MAC Expands Permanent Line With Bangin Brilliant Collection

June 9, 2016

If you are a fan of M·A·C Cosmetics’ permanent color makeup line, you are going to love this! Starting this month, MAC is expanding its huge perm line with the Bangin Brilliant Collection, a selection of 29 Lipsticks, 24 Eyeshadows and 5 Powder Blushes.

MAC Bangin Brilliant Collection for Summer 2016

Dazzleshadow ($18)
• Can’t Stop, Don’t Stop – Deep plum purple with sparkles (Repromote)
• Feel the Fever – Deep blue purple with pink sparkles (Repromote)
• Get Physical – Purple with light blue sparkles (Repromote)
• I Like to Watch – Mid-tone brown with gold sparkles (Repromote)
• Last Dance – Peach-beige with pink sparkles (Repromote)
• Let’s Roll – Red bronze with sparkles (Repromote)
• Say It Isn’t So – Dark grey with pink sparkles (Repromote)
• She Sparkles – Light grey with silver sparkles (Repromote)
• Slow/Fast/Slow – Bronze with red sparkles (Repromote)
• Try Me On – Deep blue-green with sparkles (Repromote)

Eyeshadow ($16)
• Cherry Topped – Fuchsia pink (Frost)
• Fashion’s Field – Day Pinky-coral (Frost)
• How Royal- Pearly cerulean blue (Veluxe Pearl)
• I’m Into It – Dark red brown (Matte)
• In the Shadows – Vibrant dark blue (Frost)
• New Crop – Vivid hunter green with pearl (Frost)
• Nice Energy – Electric yellow lime green (Veluxe Pearl)
• Oh My Mocha! – Antiqued cranberry (Frost)
• Ruddy- Intense red (Veluxe Pearl)
• Shock Factor – Lime green (Matte)
• Suspiciously Sweet – Coral orange (Frost)
• Teal Appeal – Intense teal blue/green (Veluxe Pearl)
• Up at Dawn – Sherbet orange (Satin)
• Zinc Blue- Deep ocean blue (Matte)

Lipstick ($17)
• 4Eva – Creamy light purple (Matte)
• Breathing Fire – Hot fuchsia pink (Matte) (Repromote)
• Deep Rooted – Brown taupe (Matte)
• Designer Blue – High metallic deep ocean blue (Frost)
• Dew – Creamy purply blue (Satin)
• Dreampot – Light candy blue (Matte)
• Frosting – Pure white (Matte)
• Gold XIXI – Lemony pastel yellow (Lustre) (Repromote)
• Highlights – Very pale creamy peach (Lustre)
• In My Fashion – Darkened chocolate brown (Matte)
• In the Spirit – Pure black (Matte)
• Lavender Jade – Dirty mauve with gold pearl (Matte) (Repromote)
• Lazy Lullaby – White lavender purple (Matte)
• Lightly Charred Cool grey (Matte)
• Love & Cherished – Creamy light purple (Cremesheen)
• Mangrove – Hot, bright red (Matte) (Repromote)
• Model Behaviour – Clean violet with blue pearl (Frost)
• Nifty – Neon Orange (Amplified)
• No Interruptions – Muted gold pearl (Frost)
• On and On – Deep purple with blue pearl (Frost)
• Pick Me, Pick Me! – Muted lavender with pink pearl (Frost)
• Pink, You Think? – Hot neon pink with blue pearl (Frost)
• Punk Couture – Deep blackened grape (Matte) (Repromote)
• Really Me – Muted neutral pink (Matte)
• Red Rock – Classic clean red (Matte)
• Soft Hint – Candy blue with blue pearl (Frost)
• Spoiled Fabulous – Metallic gold (Frost)
• Time to Shine – Silver with white pearl (Frost)
• Wild Extract – Lime green with electric pearl (Frost)

Blush ($22)
• Bright Pink – Intense fuchsia pink (Matte)
• Bright Response – Vibrant clean orange (Frost)
• News Flash! – Red orange with pearl (Satin)
• Never Say Never – Deep scarlet red (Matte)
• Saucy Miss – Bright blue pink (Matte)


Left to right from top: Can’t Stop, Feel the Fever, Get Physical, I Like to Watch, Last Dance, Let’s Roll, Say It Isn’t So, She Sparkles, Slow/Fast/Slow, Try Me On, Cherry Topped, Fashion’s Field Day, How Royal, I’m Into It, In the Shadows, New Crop, Nice Energy, Oh My Mocha, Ruddy, Shock Factor, Suspiciously Sweet, Teal Appeal, Up at Dawn and Zinc Blue


Left to right from top: 4Eva, Deep Rooted, Designer Blue, Dew, Frosting, Gold XIXI, Highlights, In My Fashion, In the Spirit, Lavender Jade, Lazy Lullaby, Lightly Charred, Love and Cherished, Mangrove, Model Behaviour, Nifty Neon, No Interruptions, On and On, Pick Me Pick Me, Pink You Think, Punk Couture, Really Me, Red Rock, Soft Hint, Spoiled Fabulous, Time to Shine and Wild Extract


Left to right from top: Bright Pink, Bright Response, Never Say Never, News Flash! and Saucy Miss

MAC Bangin Brilliant will be available online and in store starting June 2016 in the permanent line.

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