Johnson’s Blog for Beauty Challenge: The Many Beauty Uses of Johnson’s Baby Oil

For decades, many have sworn by Johnson’s Baby Oil for its mild and gentle formula to keep their skin baby smooth. But did you know this bottle of pure mineral oil can do much much more than just moisturize? Read on to find out how I use it!

* Eye Makeup Remover. With all the cleansing oils and dual-phase makeup removers on the market nowadays, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that oils are great for removing the most stubborn makeup. To use baby oil as an eye makeup remover, simply apply a few drops directly onto the eye area, gently massage and wipe off. Follow with a gentle cleanser to remove any oily residue.

* Instant dewy skin. For many seasons, MAC has been mixing oils into their foundations during Fashion Week for the prettiest dewy look. I tried baby oil with my NYX Cosmetics HD Studio Photogenic Foundation and it works just as well. Don’t use foundation? Just apply baby oil on bare skin for instant gleam.

* Prevent glitter eyeshadow fallout. Need help making your glitter eye makeup stay on? Baby oil to the rescue! Applying the smallest dab of baby oil onto your eyelids prior to your glitter eyeshadows will help it adhere to the skin much better.

* Cuticle oil. Just like the rest of your body, your cuticles can benefit from the moisturizing properties of baby oil.

* Hair Treatment. Baby oil is great for detangling dry hair and soothing split ends. If your hair or scalp is extra dry, mix a few drops of baby oil with egg yolk (which is equally as good for hair), apply all over, let it sit for 10 minutes then shampoo.

What do you guys use Baby Oil for? Share!

Johnson’s Baby Oil is available at drugstores nationwide for $3.29 for 14oz.

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  1. I’m not trying to argue or anything so please don’t take this offensive. I was reading this and the first point said that this product is a great make-up remover. However, you also said that this product “prevents glitter eyeshadow fallout”???? I thought it was a great make-up remover. Wouldn’t it remove foundations or primer (or whatever you have on your eyes)?

    • Hi Cynthia,

      That’s a good question and don’t worry I’m not offended at all =)

      The key to using Baby Oil for different purposes lies in the amount you apply. As an eye makeup remover, I’d apply the baby oil generously and massage all over to help the makeup slide right off. As a “primer”, I dab the smallest amount all over the eyelid then press the glitter eyeshadow on top to help it stick.

      This works kind of like Vaseline, in which people use it both as a primer and a makeup remover.

      Sorry if I wasn’t more clear before and I hope this makes sense.

  2. I do sometimes put a SMALL amount of baby oil down the front of my legs if i’m going out in a skirt. Only a teeny bit though or it looks too obvious, or, er, greasy!! Not a good look. Gives a lovely sheen if you’re careful about it though.

  3. I love to use baby oil for about all above plus. After shaving my legs I put a few drops in my hands and rub it in my still wet legs. Unbelievable silky and nourished feeling. Even if you did not shave. Just rub your body while still wet. Also tea spoon of suger and few drop of baby oil for a hand scrub.

  4. Hi, I’ve just read this and I think the johnson’s baby oil may be good for very dry skin or hair…but anyway, as it is a mineral oil, isn’t it comedogenic? won’t it clog your pores? I’ve read about mixing it with foundation, and won’t that be bad for your skin? We’re always looking for non comedogenic products and this mineral oil is ok? I don’t think it is…
    But as I said, perhaps it works for very dry skin…?

  5. I was burn while baking – the back of my arm touch the iron tray edge. I remember reading about Johnson baby oil put on the burn and the healing process was half the time. So I tried it – yes, within two days it dried and the peeling started on the third day, by the end of the week it was over.

  6. Read somewhere that mineral oil helps reduce sebaceous filaments on my nose. Looked up mineral oil and baby oil came up. Might apply it on my nose to see how it goes. Frustrated with it because the foundations make them more visible. Has anyone tried it?