Yay or Nay: Rihanna Matching Eyeshadow With Nail Color

October 28, 2010

Besides her catchy tunes, Rihanna has always been known for her bold choice in makeup and fashion but lately, she seemed to have toned things down a bit in the makeup department. Gone are the days of bright blue eyeliner, vivid orange lipstick and spiky eyelashes. Instead, the singer has been rocking washes of soft shimmery eyeshadow, glossy pink lips and upon a closer look, creamy nail polish that matches with the eyeshadow. Could this be the start of a new trend? Are you looking this look on her?

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  • Reply Jenn October 31, 2010 at 12:14 am

    I’d go with nay for the pastel lips matching her eyeshadows.

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