2010 Anime Central Cosplay Recap

Over the weekend, I embraced my inner geek and went back for the 2010 Anime Central. Just like last year, it was lots of fun =) Kudos to all the cosplay masters for doing such a great job with the costume and makeup! More pictures after the jump!

Phyllis at acen 2010 cosplay

Acen 2010 mad hatter alice in wonderland
The Mad Hatter and Alice

Acen 2010 mario princess peach
Mario and Princess Peach (so cute!)

Acen 2010 cosplay naruto
Tsunade and Jiraiya from Naruto

Acen 2010 i-no cammy
I-no from Guilty Gear and Cammy from Street Fighter ♥♥♥

Acen 2010 silent hill
Nurse and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

Acen 2010 cosplay

Acen 2010 cosplay


  1. I missed back in the days when I’m not married and would take these little mini trips to Anime Conventions. I love to spend the whole day catching watching new Anime. You look stunning and like the look.