Celebrity Hairstyle: Kristen Stewart at 2009 Teen Choice Awards

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Published on August 10, 2009 with 9 Comments

Contrary to what Bella Swan would wear in Twilight, Kristen Stewart donned a spiky Rock & Republic dress with a 60s inspired pompadour and ponytail at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards last night.

Read on to find out how Frederic Fekkai Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel created Kristen’s look.

Adir first started out by applying the Fekkai Coiff Nonchalant Piecing & Forming Wax to the palm his hands and then added the Fekkai Coiff Extra Control Styling Gel for extra texture and shine. He applied this to her damp hair until it was full saturated.

To get the right texture with short layered haircut like Kristen’s, you must apply enough products until you get it to look right and feels right. It is important to fully saturate the hair with product.

Once the product was in the hair he took a blow-drier and hand dried into his desired style, directing all the hair with his fingers back to the nape of her neck.

To finish the look, he took the back of the hair and pulled it into a twisted ponytail letting the ends out and then spraying the front with the Fekkia Sheer Hold Hair Spray. Make sure to leave random pieces out for a more chill vibe.


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  1. I hate this haircut -.-

    And if they’re supposed to start filming eclipse soon, will she wear a wig..?

  2. I know! Kristen looks so much better with a girlier look =(

  3. the whole outfit and hair looks awkward on her, she can’t pull it off.

  4. This is atrocious.

  5. my 2 weeks unwashed hair in ponytail look better than this… i thought that she made it by herself

  6. Kristen wore a wig in Twilight too. She wore something like Jessica Simpsons line HairDo. In some scenes of the film, you can see her real hair over the fake hair. Her hair has more of a red tone. (the film was pretty low budget).

  7. Her face and makeup looks gorgeous, but I’m not really loving the hair..

  8. I don’t think she would choose that hairstyle herself – it’s for a movie, and I think she actually did a good job on the hair (if you compare it to the “real” friz”

  9. i think her hair is freakin awsome now b4 it was dull and now its rockin

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