Tweezerman Zip File Review

Tweezerman’s Zip File is the perfect example of a product with an innovative packaging that actually works.

The Zip File is a nail file housed in a cute plastic case so you can easily slide the file out to fix chips and nicks and slide back to keep the file protected and clean. Plus it contains two sides, a coarser side for shortening and shaping nails and a slightly smoother side to buff and seal the edge.

Now I no longer have an excuse to chew on my chipped mani or leave it unfixed just because I don’t have a file with me. Hooray!

The Zip File is available at for $5.50. For every file that is sold, Tweezerman will be donating $1 to the SmileTrain foundation, an organization dedicated to providing free surgeries to children with cleft lips and palates in 75 of the world’s poorest countries.


  1. You should check out the crystal nail files. They’re pricey but never get dull! And supposedly better for your nails than normal files. I plan on having mine forever and it does such a good job filing nails. Plus it’s reeeally pretty :) I got mine at some boutique beauty shop, but this website has products that are similar to if not exactly what I have.

  2. Oh! That’s super cute and useful looking! I’ll have to pick one up. I like the charity benefits too. I’ll probably stick these in every gift bag I give out now.

  3. hey phyllis! i adore tweezerman products because they never let me down, thanks for letting us know about this product, i didn’t see it at sephora yesterday, maybe they didn’t carry it there, i don’t know but yeah

    oh and bath and body works is having a 75% oh all their kose sekkisei products! i got 2 200ml bottles of the toner/lotion for 22$!