Japanese Subculture: How To Get The Himegyaru Look

As promised, here is the 411 on Himegyaru (姫ギャル), a part of the Gyaru subculture that originated in Japan. Enjoy =)

Hime basically means “princess” in Japanese and their biggest difference between Himegyarus and other Gyarus is their princessy manner, which is manifested through their clothes, hair, jewelry, accessories etc.

Like most Gyarus, Himegyarus have super big, curly hair that range from light blonde to light brown. To get that beehive look, tease your hair with a rat tail comb, mist it with hair spray and pin it up with bobby bins. Use an one inch barrel curling iron on the bottom for the curls.

As for the makeup, you will need:

* Flawless porcelain skin. You will hardly see a tan Himegyaru so ditch the self-tanner, stay away from the sun and use sunscreen every day.

* Dramatic eyeliner. The eyes are always lined heavily in black on both top and bottom. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is perfect for this.

* Brown eyeshadow on the eyelid and under the eye to add in depth.

* Long, thick eyelashes. Use fake lashes.

* Baby pink/peach blush applied on the apples. How can you be a princess without those doll-looking cheeks?

* Pink glossy lips.

Clothes and Accessories
Lots and lots of pink, ribbons, pearls, laces, flowers, bling bling and heels are pretty much the basics. Nails must also be perfectly done.

For more ideas on how to nail the Himegyaru look, check out http://www.jesusdiamante.com/ and http://lizlisa.com/.

See my Himegyaru-inspired Look!


  1. I love those rhinestones on the mobile phone ^^
    Nails are beautiful, but I’m guessing you have to be extremely careful with them…

    Great post Phyllis!

  2. why do all chinese people have that off ginger blond hair? looks horrible!
    i’d love to see some chinese people with real blonde hair

    • First of all, they’re Japanese, as you would know if you had any sense. Also, it wouldn’t be possible to have natural blonde hair if they were fully Japanese.

  3. Ellie,

    They’re Japanese – not Chinese *lol*

    As for the brassy color that you see, it is mostly because of the warm undertones in Asian hair (red to be exact).

  4. lol I’m just going to assume a comment that stupid (in reference to Ellie) came from a white person. Typical. haha

  5. lol, I actually like the ginger hair color better than blond blond and it’s more flattering on those girls as well…

    I like to see those looks on magazine but I would never try it myself, imagine how many steps it take to get my hair to that color then the black roots grow out…the same goes for nails as well. (Not to mention I personally don’t like pink…)

  6. In my opinion this is a pretty ugly look, but fascinating nonetheless…I read on Popteen once it takes them around 45 minutes to an hour to get their look and hair completely done

  7. actally i’m chinese ha! i just call eveyone chinese cos it’s easier
    don’t we all orginate from there after all?

  8. I love the Himegyaru look, I tried to do the hair (you can see it here: http://www.cosplaypiggy.net/img/LJ/hair2.jpg) but mine is dark dark natural black so it looks kind of weird. The “milk tea” blonde hair on these girls is very cute indeed, and their style is outrageously awesome. Can’t imagine how much time and money they spend getting dolled up!

    Ellie: Wow, ignorant much? Even though the Japanese does have a lot of its traditional cultures and customs that is originated from China, there are native Japanese that are not descendants of Chinese immigrants.

  9. As much as I like this style on other people, I can’t do this personally… It’s just too high maintenance *looking at my chipped polish*

    I’ve read somewhere it is extremely hard (not to mention damaging) to achieve real blonde hair on Asian hair. Like Phyllis said, our hair have a lot of red pigments in it which takes hours and hours to bleach (http://killerstrands.blogspot.com/2007/09/taking-asian-hair-blond-james-blond.html). The process might be painful as well since the bleach can irritate the scalp. It’s going to be such a high maintenance style with a lot of touch ups as well…

  10. There’s something about the Himegyaru look that’s unsettling. The women look like dolls, but in a bad way. The makeup is fine and the hairstyles can be a bit over the top. But with all the pink clothes, ruffles and bows it doesn’t seem very progressive to me. It’s like the Himegyaru look makes women look like they’re trying too hard to look good. But I guess if women like the look, it’s OK too.

  11. I really admire the hime look on Japanese girls, they pull it off so well and it’s soooooo cute! However, I wouldn’t be too into wearing this kind of outfit outside as it’d cause too much attention and staring from other people, especially with those big ribbon bows on my head, haha. But other than, I think the look would be pretty cute to do for a party or something.

  12. I live in Tokyo, Japan and do admit there are a lot of these kind of girls here, but only in limited areas, such as Shibuya or Harajuku in downtown Tokyo, a shopping area populated by teenagers. They look CUTE, but these kind of fashion come & go really quickly here so I’m not sure how much longer this will last.

  13. Ellis, you are so ignorant and a disgrace to all asians to call everyone chinese. And no, we don’t all originate from there, we originated from Africa so why not just call everyone africans. *sigh*

  14. I am an asian girl and apparently… my hair stylist can always turn my hair into beige blonde in no time! very gentle too… my hair actually feels healthy. I think the reddish/orange-ish blonde looks good on most japanese girls because of their lighter skin tone. I self tan so it doesn’t work for me :)

  15. I love your site ! and you are gorgeous!! keep up the posts i look forward to them because you cover different topics lik ethis.
    If anyones wondering.. blonde hair can be achieved on asians!

  16. I LOOOOOOOOOVE this look! so cute. I think i’m going to start dressing like this and acting himegyaru. but maybe just a tad toned down, its hard to do that stuff in a little oklahoma town. people here will be like what the hell are you? lol i dont care. alot of people say that i look japanese anyway although i have zero in me. maybe its the smoke??… ^_^ now i need to cut long bangs this is going to be fun

  17. i was wondering for like a party how would someone ethnic do the himegyaru look?? ive been to JP back in highschool for my language program however im just like wowow how does a brown girl do this if everything must always be so pale :'( well maybe i will try something out and keep my tone natural lol… any tips girls?