Makeup Tutorial: How To Camouflage Undereye Circles With Concealer

So I have already gone through the Basic Rules On How To Apply Concealer and the Different Tools You Can Use with you ladies. Now here is a brief tutorial on how to apply concealer to camouflage those nasty undereye circles that we all hate.

Before you start, figure out where your circles are by tilting your head down and looking into a mirror. For most people, it starts from the inner corner of the eye right by the nose.

Step 1. Apply a creamy concealer onto circles and dark areas. Since I am not wearing foundation here, I am using more concealer than needed to show a better effect.

For liquid concealer, apply three tiny dots of the product starting from the inner corner of the eye.

Step 2. Tap lightly – do not rub – with your index finger (this puts the least pressure on the delicate eye area) and blend outwards. Run a sponge over the edges to blend everything out if necessary.

Step 3. Set with a thin layer of translucent powder for maximum staying power. If you have extremely dry skin, skip this step.

Done! With concealer on the left vs without on the right.

To find out what my favorite concealers are, remember to check out my Concealer Reviews.


  1. Thanks for the tut. I’m just wondering about your eyelids, are they that large naturally or did you use some sort of eye glue? Please let me know, thanks!

    • I don’t use eyelid glue/tape. I have a natural crease that gets bigger/smaller depending on how much I sleep *lol*

  2. I am sorry I am not a native English speaker but what’s the different btw undereye circles and undereye bags? I have always thought that these two are the same thing.
    thx !

  3. I knew someone would comment about Phyllis’ eyes sooner or later! I too noted that her eyes are very beautiful and uncommon (for Asians). Her’s are very open and elongated. Buh yeah they don’t look glued to me, heehee! just a lucky girl. <3 Lovvveee your blog and your reviews!!!

  4. Phyllis,

    I have very terrible dark circles that wihtout make up it makes me look like an addict. I must have tried more than 20 concealers in my life, theyre either too white, too dark, too creamy or too dry for my undereyes. they usually leave patches at the end of the evening or leave deep creases when its too creamy or deep lines when too dry. I can never seem to find the right color for my dark circles, I have oriental skin. I am currently using NC 20 and NW20 Studio Sculpt Concealer from MAC. Do you have any advice?

  5. I have the same eyes as yours. I also have a big crease, and it really depends on how much sleep i’d get. sometimes they are bigger, sometimes smaller…etc! it’s interesting. :) just wanted to mention it.

  6. Pam,

    Unfortunately, finding the right concealer is all about trial and error. I have tried probably over 50 concealers now and while I really like some of them, I am still on the hunt for something better.

    My advice would be to stick to department store brands so you can at least test out the product before you purchase.

  7. Wow, it looks amazing! The skin around your eyes looks so clean and perfect. Mind if I ask what concealer you used?

    BTW and totally unrelated, you amazing eyebrows! They frame your eyes so well :)


    They have it at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and its AWESOME! Its very creamy, but totally doesnt crease. Its spreads perfectly, and looks great even without foundation, because its blends seamlessly. Its amazing. My girl has realy bad dark circles and we tried everything, from smashbox, Nars, M.A.C., Benefit, Urban Decay, laura Mercier, Vincent Longo, Estee Lauder, etc etc. This is the only thing that has that much coverage without looking cakey and discolored. She doesnt wear foundation ever because her only issue is the dark circles, so everything else looked kinda wierd in contrast. Some creased horribly, flaked, or just started to slide off completely. Other just didnt have enough coverage. period. The Bobbi Brown concealer kit is the best hands down. It has a really nice texture, for just the right consistency, and comes with matching poweder to set it (no creasing!)

    I highly reccomend it to anyone! Its amazing. (just a bit pricey at $32 but totally worth it, it goes a long way)

    Check it out!!!