Poll: Lady Gaga’s Geisha Lips – Hot or Not?

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Published on April 21, 2009 with 19 Comments

We all know our lady’s got an eccentric sense of style and her latest way to make a statement? Geisha-inspired lips – a look that was spotted at Dior’s Fall 2009 show.

I personally think Gaga pulled it off quite well. What about you guys? Share your thoughts!

Credit image: Gossip Girls.com

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There are currently 19 Comments on Poll: Lady Gaga’s Geisha Lips – Hot or Not?. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. i personally LOVE Gaga’s styles and everything, BUT i’m not feeling this one

  2. I really like the black lips, but hate the one on the left!

  3. maybe it would work if she kept her lips closed because the lipstick makes her look like she has huge buck teeth.

  4. Ugh…this one is absolutely absurd.

    I LOVE Lady Gaga, don’t get me wrong, but this style just
    makes her look like a gerbil.

    This is a flat out NO.

  5. OMG I love Gaga’s look but it’s horrible…absurd.
    Her lips are like in the Star Wars movie with Princess Padmé played by Nathalie Portman LOL

  6. Yuck!!!!

  7. weird. not so cool. :((

  8. love the right pic, but hating the left one!!! ew!!

    I think this look would be awesome with pale colours! Just like you did in your upper post… but in dark red… ugh :/ can’t vote because I’ just loving and hating this at the same time…

  9. This style is just weird!

  10. Lady gaga is a tranvestite. Shame about her makeup,he is so wrong!

  11. the one with the red lips makes her face look swollen

  12. I agree with Chai about the gerbil…

  13. *lol* you guys are hilarious! I agree that she totally went overboard with this look but I can’t picture anyone else doing it either.

  14. I’m sorry I know this is your blog….can U pls stop posting Lady gaga? She’s disgusting, overall…her song, etc.

  15. Not good…

    I like Lady Gaga but that lip look is really off.

  16. lol well as the rest of you said, shes not the prettiest flower in the garden… hmm i love the ‘look” but on someone who can pull it off!.. oh yeah she should keep her mouth shut to keep the effect up..

  17. those aren’t really geisha lips as much as they are “cupids bow”

    look up clara bow.

  18. lOve it i lOve tOO wear it tOO i state factsz [=

  19. LADY GAGA IS MY PREFERITE ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IS A BEAUTIFUL AND FANTASTIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHE IS A NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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