Kenzozi Relaxing White Lotus Skincare Line Reviews

Lately, I have become obsessed with Kenzo’s Relaxing White Lotus skincare line. The line is inspired by white lotus and is all about milky textures and divine fragrances to help your skin relax. All products come in a white, minimalistic packaging and are suitable for all skin types, especially those with stressed-out skin.

The Relaxing Whipped Eye Cream ($45) is definitely my favorite from the line.

It contains plant water, white lotus, essential oils and mineral salts (which are the main ingredients in the White Lotus line) along with Actiflow to stimulate circulation and reduce black circles and puffiness, and Dormance/ Narcissus Bulb Extract to slow down cells to preserve energy.

The texture is very velvety and sinks in like a dream. My eyes feel instantly refreshed, moisturized and definitely less puffy. I also use this in the AM and never had a problem putting makeup on top.

Another product that I really liked is the Cosmic Cosmetic Cream ($60).

This too contains the main ingredients along with Japanese Angelica and Bird Wood to repair, moisturize and soothe while you sleep.

I love how it feels so rich yet manages to be so lightweight at the same time. It literally gets absorbed into the skin within seconds I apply it and never feels greasy. All I am left with is smooth, supple skin and my face always looks radiant and well-rested the next morning.

This product is also great as a quick fix before makeup when you are having one of those bad skin days. Simply apply a thick layer over the face and neck, leave on for ten minutes then massage into skin. Ta-da! Stress begone!

Kenzo is available at and select department stores.


  1. Yael,

    I don’t have lines around my eyes but I doubt the eye cream will do much for circles or wrinkles. It is more of a basic eye cream to hydrate, depuff and sooth the eye area.

    I normally just apply the eye cream then do my makeup but I’m sure you can use a primer over it.