MAC Brunette Blonde Redhead Collection Product Information

MAC’s first collection in 2009, Brunette, Blonde, Redhead is hitting stores today! The collection contains 3 different sets of colors that tailor specifically to your hair color so regardless of whether you are a brunette, blonde or redhead, you can easily find something that will suit you.


Lipstick ($14)
* Chignon: Red plum
* What A Do!: Neutral pink coral

Tinted Lipglass ($14)
* Quick Tease: Red purple
* Soft Wave: Tan bronze

Eyeshadow ($14.50)
* Deep Shade: Dusty blue
* Henna: Dark gold
* Femme-fi: Frosty golden cream

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28)
* Brunette: Soft coral to copper bronze degrade

Eye Kohl ($14.50)
* Smolder: Intense black

Brow Set ($13.50)
* Show Off: Full bodied brown


Lipstick ($14)
* All’s Fair: Light purple pink
* B-Babe: Rich pink

Tinted Lipglass ($14)
* Strawberry Blonde: Deep pink red
* Peroxide: White pink

Eyeshadow ($14.50)
* Top Knot: Deep black purple
* Knight: Dark grey
* Pincurl: Dusty white

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28)
* Blonde: Soft Pink to Rose degrade

Eye Kohl ($14.50)
* Phone Number: Smudgy charcoal

Brow Set ($13.50)
* Clear: Color-free


Lipstick ($14)
* Blow Dry: Pink coral
* Marquise D‘: Sandy cream peach

Tinted Lipglass ($14)
* Live and Dye: Cool pink
* Red Devil: Coral orange

Eyeshadow ($14.50)
* 100 Strokes: Burgundy purple
* French Cuff: Ice pink
* Flip: Bronze gold

Mineralize Skinfinish ($28)
* Redhead: Gold to salmon pink degrade

Eye Kohl ($14.50)
* Teddy: Dark-eyed bronze

Brow Set ($13.50)
* Girl Boy: Fawned-over blondette

* 214 Short Shader ($23)
* 165 Tapered Cheek/highlight ($34)
* 226 Small Tapered Blending ($24.50)

I will post reviews and product swatches shortly so remember to check back tonight!


  1. looks like a nice collection! cant wait to get that mineralize skinfinish 😉
    what’s up with the redhead in that pic having no eyebrows??