How To Shape Your Eyebrows Depending On Your Face Shape

November 12, 2007

Having great eyebrows is essential for a polished look. So how do you nail the perfect shape for your brows? Try working with the bone structure of your face.

A round face is almost as wide as it is as long with round edges. The nose is the center guide and the widest point is at the cheeks and ears. To balance off a round face, go with high arched eyebrows with the peak toward the end of the brow and a short tail.

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This is the most desired shape. Its length is equivalent to 1.5 times of its width. The hairline is gently rounded with the jaw line slightly narrower than the temples. Any eyebrow shape will work on an oval face.

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The square-shaped face is almost as wide as it is long with strong angles. It usually has a strong, square jawline and an equally square hairline. To balance your strong jawline, go with strong, angled eyebrows with the peak close to being directly above the square of the jaw.

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The heart-shaped face is wide in the eye and cheekbone area narrowing to a small, pointy chin. Many heart-shaped faces also have a high forehead. A rounded shape looks best on a heart-shaped face.

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Long faces are also known as oblong – long and slender. The width of the forehead is just about the same as below the cheekbones. Long faces usually have a very narrow chin or a very high forehead. To avoid further elongation, go with a flat brow.

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    what if I have a long, oval shape and a round nose? Would flat eyebrows look weird?

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