FOTD: Passport Picture

Here is my passport picture that I took while I was in Hong Kong. I figured I would post it on here to go with an older entry that I wrote about makeup tips for taking passport/year book pictures. As you can see, less is definitely more here.

What I Used

* MAC Select Cover Up in NC30 under eyes and around nose
* MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30 to set concealer
* Bourjois Blush in Lilas D’or on cheekbones applied with a light hand
* Stila Espresso eyeshadow to fill in eyebrows
* Barry M Liquid Liner in Black along top lashline
* Max Factor Calorie 2000 mascara in Black on top and lower lashes
* Vaseline on lips


  1. i love your page=) i went through your archive and read each entry! i have single eyelids, but i still like to experiment with different colors. my favorite is to use a light green eye shadow on top, and just lightly go on my lower eyes with the same color. i’ve been having a hard time finding a brown that i like. i’m on the light side for skin color. for mac, i’m a c4 i believe. thank you and continue with wonderful posts=)

  2. hi=) also, i have a question about brushes. currently, i use for foundation. i use a regular rounded brush for blush. i was interested in getting a slanted brush. is it necessary? i never used bronzers before, but my face is looking so washed out. i went to sephora, and i was suggested to use a pressed powder, a few shades darker than my normal. it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me. should i keep it up? or skip it? for foundation, i use a pressed powder with a brush. i used to wear loose powder, but i switched. sorry to make this long, but i also have a lot of beauty marks. i have 3 around my mouth area, is there a way i can cover them? i have so many questions, sorry if it’s too much…

  3. I heard Vaseline isn’t very good for dry lips because it’s mainly made from petroleum. Thus, it masks the dry flakes and creates an illusion of hydration. Essentially, it’s worsening the condition.

  4. fortunately, there are lip balms that are not made w/petroleum
    many are being made w/all natural ingredients and you can find them in your local trader joe’s or organic supermarkets

  5. btw, thanks for bringing back your passport photo tips. i hadn’t seen this before and these tips are awesome. you look great in that photo

  6. GEE, you look sort of weird but in a nice robotic sort of way. It looks like one of your eyes has a double eyelid and the other doesn’t

  7. Yah one of my eyes had an infection and my eyelid was all swollen. I had to go to the doctor too – so not hot!

  8. so little, yet so much! I was contemplating on what makeup to wear for my passport picture, and this entry gave me inspiration! thanks phyllis! BTW, i was in chicago recently 😀